We know that many dread the appearance of adverts, but we’ve been experimenting for some time to incorporate them in a non-intrusive, good-looking, and most importantly, relevant way. They’re not going to be scattered everywhere, but neatly integrated as below, and all from the coin world. We’ll likely lose the front page ones shortly, now they’re not needed. I’ve taken a huge step in pinning my hopes to AgAuNEWS and hopefully these ads will allow me to eat on a semi-regular basis. Most are preliminary for the moment.

AgAuNEWS has taken a huge effort over the last 2½ years, we’ve developed some great relationships with most of the mints, and I like to think we do things a little brighter in this visual hobby of ours. We don’t have the breadth of the big guns in the numismatic news, but for modern numismatics and bullion coins we hold our own I hope.

To keep things interesting for sponsors and for our readers, I’ve designed a deals page so that all of our sponsors can share special deals and offers to the benefit of all. It’s early days and not fully realised, but please give it some time and it will hopefully build to a page you can find some great bargains on. Some will be exclusive, some won’t. You may find nothing you fancy today, but you might in a few days time. Click on the DEALS link in the main menu to see it.

Thanks to all you readers for visiting. We hope you stick around while we grow.