Nicaraguan wildlife series watches the quirky Anteater amble into view for its third coin



The only commemorative coin series issued for Nicaragua in 2018 that we know of, Wildlife of Nicaragua is one of the NZ Mint’s numerous coloured 1 oz proof silver coin ranges. The Jaguar and the Sloth have already been featured and there are plans for at least one more coin after this one. The mintage is capped at 5,000 pieces and the packaging is an excellent themed wooden coin box. The coin is available now and the image of a coloured Giant Anteater on a cleanly struck forest floor background is very well realised.

The giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla), is the largest of its kind and can reach lengths of over two metres and weights in excess of 40 kg. Highly distinctive with its elongated snout and bushy tail, the anteater laps up thousands of insects with its 60 cm long tongue. Amazingly, they have no stomach acid of their own and collect the formic acid of their prey to break them down internally. Sadly, they are listed as Vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and as usual, we’re the primary cause.

OBVERSE: carries Nicaragua’s triangular coat-of-arms and is packed with symbolism. The triangle signifies equality, the rainbow signifies peace, the gorro frigio (Phrygian cap) symbolizes liberty and the five volcanoes express the union and brotherhood of all five Central American countries. The date and issuer are inscribed here also.

PACKAGING: The coin is encased in a modern wooden box featuring Nicaragua’s Coat of Arms. Inside the coin is nestled in cream velvet alongside the Certificate of Authenticity written in both English and Spanish. The outer box has been designed to complement the Nicaraguan wildlife theme.

DENOMINATION C$100 Nicaragua
COMPOSITION 0.9999 silver, 31.1 grams
FINISH Bullion
BOX / COA Yes / Yes