Off for a few days, but we’ve updated some profiles before we go and cool off…

Just a quick update to say we’re off for a week. The weather is brutal here (by our standards, at least), so it seems a good time. I did say in our prior update that we were taking last week off, but several new coins came in, so delayed it.

I have updated a few profiles with many coins we haven’t covered in news articles. The South African Mint’s ‘Big Five Series II’ bullion range has seen the Rhino added on page 3, and the Zebra has been added to the Mandala Wildlife guide. Some numismatic guides have also seen additions. After a hiatus, the next in Numiscollect’s excellent ‘History of the Crusades’ has just been released, and we’ve incorporated it into the profile.

The Star Wars Thematic Guide has seen quite a few updates, including a pair of EMK exclusives you may not know about. One is a five-ounce gold version of the disappointing Death Star high-profile coin, and the other is a relatively huge one-kilogram ‘A New Hope’ coin with art from the original poster. In addition, there are three or four other additions.

We’ll be back in a weeks time, hopefully refreshed and uncooked. If anything big comes in, we’ll drop back and cover it, of course. Wherever you are,look after yourself. Mik