The fourth annual coin in the Birding series from Dutch producer Numiscollect has been launched and it’s a colourful beast. The series jumps from continent to continent featuring one of the popular bird species that inhabit a particular region. A half-ounce in weight, the fine silver coins are coloured on the reverse face and depict a bird in its habitat. Unusually for series such as these, each coin is issued for a different country, representing one on the continent in question, so each obverse face is completely different. Starting out with the Burkina Faso-issued Lila Brested Roller, 2014 saw the European Kingfisher featured and issued for Andorra, and 2015 saw a very nice Saker Falcon coin, in that case issued for Mongolia. This years Parakeet coin is issued for the Cook Islands, representing Oceania. The changing obverse faces are a really nice and unusual touch, rarely seen in coin series.

Not Numiscollects most innovative or ambitious coin series, nevertheless this type of coin is extremely popular, and these are attractive entrants in the genre. They’re full of nice touches – the globe is rotated to depict the correct continent, inscriptions are not overly intrusive, and the digital printing is of a high quality. The birdwatcher, with what looks like a spotting scope, is well integrated in silhouette form.  Again limited to just 1,000 pieces, it’s supplied boxed and with a certificate of authenticity. Available from early-mid May, the coin is available to order now from the usual Numiscollect dealers and sells for around the €80 mark. The first three coins are depicted lower down the article.


The fourth issue in the birding coin series. This time a bird from the continent Oceania, issued by Cook Islands.

Kuhl’s lorikeet (Vini kuhlii), also called Rimatara lorikeet, Rimitara lorikeet, Kuhl’s lory, or Kura, is a species of lorikeet in the family Psittaculidae. It is one of several species of Vini lorikeets found in islands ranging across the South Pacific. It is a fast flying lorikeet with vibrant plumage; a green back, wings and crown, a blue nape and legs and bright red undersides and cheeks.




$2 COOK ISLANDS 0.999 SILVER 15.5 g 38.61 mm PROOF 1,000 YES / YES