Site updates with new and revised profiles, updated lunar superguide and more

Been a while since we did a site update post, but here’s a quick list of some of the changes we’ve done lately;

The Superguide to the Year of the Dog lunar coins has been expanded with the full Singapore Mint range of gold and silver coins, the chunky kilo silver variant of which you can see above. We’ll be doing more to this shortly when we add the Chinese range, the Helvetic Mints Niue coin and the first in an intriguing new lunar cycle from the Mint of Poland and a US producer.

A new Coin Series Profile to the National Bank of Polands worthy Enduring Soldiers series that remembers those fallen in Poland during the Communist purges after the war.

A new Coin Series Profile that wraps up CIT’s gold banknote-coin series called the African Big Five.

David & Goliath has been added to Numicollects Biblical Stories CSP.

The Dutch series, Twelve Provinces Ducats, has had the Friesland coin added, the eighth so far.

A new Coin Series Profile that features the Perth Mints commissioned Gods of Olympus set for the Cook Islands in the style of their own earlier Tuvalu series.

There will be plenty of updates coming later this week. The two CIT series, Wildlife Protection and Tiffany Art have new additions, as well as Numicollects brilliant History of the Crusades. Next week should see an addition to the Battles That Changed History series.

We’ve put together a page that will link to articles on the various banknote-coin series that are becoming more popular. You’ve seen the new NZ Mint ranges and they have some intriguing additions for 2018 and others are showing interest as well. That one isn’t published yet as we’re still tweaking.

Hope you enjoy. As you can see, even if it’s a slow news day there’s stuff going on behind the front page. Please support us by using the ads to visit our sponsors, or you can donate directly with the Paypal link in the footer.