It seems that Disney isn’t going to fade away from the coin scene anytime soon if the New Zealand Mint has its way. After multiple releases featuring Steamboat Willie, Donald Ducks 80th anniversary, Mickey & Friends in silver and gold, as well as the recent Christmas coin, the mint has just dropped another three coins onto the market bringing the number of releases up to 20.

While this would seem a rather large number to release in the first year, the first coins in particular have proven very popular, creating quite a buzz on release, especially in gold. The star of the show to date is undoubtedly the superb Steamboat Willie coin, and it is to this design that the mint returns for two of their latest additions. It originally debuted as a 1oz silver and a ¼oz gold, the latter selling out almost immediately with resulting appreciations on the secondary market. Now they’ve released huge one-kilo versions, perhaps more rat than mouse…

The final release is another coloured 1oz silver coin seemingly tailored for the Valentines Day market, but available now. Nice enough, but a 10,000 mintage may be optimistic. For us, the superb Mickey & Friends silver coins are the ones to get first, looking far nicer in the hand than in the press pictures. Anyway, this one ships next week, and the kilos the first week of December.


Easily the coolest design of the Disney coins released to date, Steamboat Willie is the one responsible for creating the buzz that’s built up around the range to date. The phrase ‘one-kilo’ isn’t one you associate with the New Zealand Mint, but they’ve taken the plunge and launched 1,000g versions in gold and silver. The artwork hasn’t changed, a good thing, and if you have an interest in Disney it’s obviously a very desirable item.

Mintages are pretty tight, especially at just 28 for the gold, and the packaging is decent enough, but it’s a shame the gold doesn’t maintain the 100mm diameter of the silver, having a surface area reduced by over 40%. The price of the silver coin matches the mintage, which matches the year that Steamboat Willie was released, a decision that may have raised the coins price slightly, but it isn’t priced unreasonably given the licencing involved. For the gold, as they say, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it!


Steamboat Willie has been at the helm of Disney animation from the early days, steering it forward through the seas of imagination. Through the decades since its release, Steamboat Willie has received widespread critical acclaim, not only for introducing one of the world’s most popular cartoon characters, but for its innovation. In 1994, Steamboat Willie was voted 13th greatest cartoon of all time.

Each coin is individually engraved with its unique certificate number and is the latest release in the Officially licenced Disney Collectible Coins series.

REVERSE: This coin face captures a still frame from the iconic scene where Mickey Mouse is seen cheerfully standing at the boats wheel. Wrapped around the top of the coin is the engraved name of this breakthrough cartoon, Steamboat Willie, and the year of its release, 1928.

OBVERSE: This features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

PACKAGING: The Limited Edition Steamboat Willie 1 kg Gold Coin is presented in a classic and solid wooden coin case, which sits inside a Steamboat Willie themed outer coin case. When opened, the coin and certificate of authenticity may be proudly placed on display.

The Steamboat Willie 1 oz Silver Coin is presented in an elegant Steamboat Willie themed sliding coin case. When opened, the coin and Certificate of Authenticity are displayed.

WEIGHT 1000 g  1000 g
SIZE 100 mm  75 mm
MINTAGE 1,928  28


The latest in what is turning into a flood of Disney releases this year is one themed for love, although admittedly between two rodents… I can’t say I was eager to see this one, but I’m pleasantly surprised at the quality of the artwork for its given theme. Unlike the Steamboat Willie coins, this is clearly aimed at the gift market, something the New Zealand Mint have done well at with their innovative packaging in the past, as well as producing a healthy selection of jewellry. Not really one for the numismatist, but Valentines Day Romeos may wish to try their luck.

Available to pre-order now for $109 NZD ($84 USD, £53, €68), they start to ship from the end of next week.


Mickey and Minnie have been in love from the moment they met. This charming and romantic Disney Collectible Coin features an image of Mickey and Minnie kissing, set against a proof quality background engraved with words of love. This highly collectible coin has a Limited Mintage of only 10,000 coins and is the first Love-themed Disney coin released by New Zealand Mint.

REVERSE: This coin features an image of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, set against a proof quality background engraved with words of love.

OBVERSE: This features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Country of Issue – Niue.

PACKAGING: The Crazy in Love 1 oz Silver Coin comes presented in a colourful Love-themed card-style coin case. The packaging allows for writing a short personalised message and makes an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for any Disney fan or coin collector. The Certificate of Authenticity is printed onto the packaging.

WEIGHT 31.1 g
SIZE 40 mm
MINTAGE 10,000