New UK 1oz gold bullion coin dips into the past design catalogue and pulls out the Royal Arms


As if the Britannia, Shengxiao Lunars, Queens Beasts and others aren’t prrofthat the Royal Mint are taking the bullion coin market seriously, they’ve added another design to the portfolio. No silver this time, just a one-ounce fine gold offering, and it appears to be one with an unrestricted mintage in its issue year.

A pretty design by Eric Sewell that first appeared in 1983 on the £1 coin, the Royal Mint have had Timothy Noad reimagine it into something altogether bolder. They state it was done for 2019, but we’ve seen it on 2015 coins, although it may have been further tweaked. You can certainly see elements of the Queen’s Beasts series in the design, and that’s a positive. A radial ‘starburst’ pattern occupies the background field, although the obverse has a contrasting geometric guilloche pattern. Available now, sponsors like LPM have them for sale.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: A mainstay of British coinage for centuries, the Royal Arms is a majestic symbol of strength and majesty which represents the illustrious history of monarchy and heraldry in the United Kingdom. It acts as the official coat of arms for the British monarch and its origins lie on the medieval battlefield where it would be seen on shields, banners and dress. It has evolved through the ages and is a true indicator of power, approval and duty.

This design exemplifies the royal heritage which each monarch inherits during their reign and features the heraldic devices which have lasted through the ages, such as the Lion of England and Unicorn of Scotland supporting the shield.

DENOMINATION £100 United Kingdom
COMPOSITION 0.9999 gold 31.1 grams
FINISH Bullion
MINTAGE Unlimited
BOX / COA No / No