One of the bigger sets of coins featuring Norse mythology, the nine-coin Norse Gods series debuted last September with a pair depicting the two big guns, Odin and Thor. The second pair arrived in November and featured two lesser deities, Hel and Tyr. February saw some more high profile Asgardians, Heimdall and Loki, so with six coins already out there, we’re down to the last three.

First of those to break cover is one depicting Odin’s Mrs, Frigg, and it’s the first time we’ve seen a single release, all prior ones coming in pairs. This one actually showed up initially on the Royal Canadian Mints website as they’re running a subscription for the whole nine coins, including a really nice box to hold them all.

The coin is a perfect match for those that have preceded it, making a nice consistent set, and stays at 2oz of fine silver with an antique finish. With a mintage limited to 1,000 pieces, and a price of around €100, these are good value compared to much of the competition and the art style is quite unique and very well done. Boxed and with an enclosed Certificate of Athenticity, this new Frigg coin should start to appear at more dealers shortly as the previous coins have appeared at Top World Coins, Powercoin, MB Coincorner and Muenzdachs, amongst others. The last two coins should hit the market later this year and will feature Sif and Freyr. The only drawbacks are that it looks like all nine coins will hit in a single year, so despite the reasonable per-coin price, it’s a significant investment, and that the extra ounce in weight has gone entirley on thickness (the coin is a pretty standard 38.61mm), so all that extra silver isn’t used to expand the coin face artwork. Both are minor points however, and this remains a low-key set in a busy genre, and one for which we have a bit of a soft spot.


A goddess in Norse mythology, Frigg is generally said to be the wife of the god Odin. The English day Friday (etymologically Old English “Frīge’s day”) bears her name. She dwells in the wetland halls of Fensalir, is famous for her foreknowledge, is associated with the goddesses Fulla, Lofn, Hlín, and Gná, and is ambiguously associated with the Earth, otherwise personified as an apparently separate entity Jörð (Old Norse “Earth”). The children of Frigg and Odin include the gleaming god Baldr.




$10 COOK ISLANDS 0.999 SILVER 62.2 g 38.60 mm ANTIQUE 1,000 YES / YES