The Tokelau reverse-proof Lunar Horse coin appears to have been very successful and we recently reported on the low-mintage antique and proof versions. The coin from Australian producers, Treasures of Oz, was a clean and elegant design that’s won over plenty of fans. On the back of that success, they’ve decided to expand the range with two new pieces in exactly the same style and format.

As before, the coins are an ounce (31.1g) of 0.999 silver and have a diameter of 38.61mm. Being issued for Tokelau means the $5 denomination is in New Zealand currency, and the obverse carries the classic Ian Rank Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

While they’re not all shown here yet, there will also be proof and gilded versions, the latter having some fine potential, and the former will look great if the standard horse coin is any indication. Mintages of the variants differ; the reverse-proof coins being the biggest release with 50,000 available. The coloured proof version will hit 5,000 units, and the standard proof, antique and gilded versions will top out at 2,500. The reverse proof coins should be available anytime now, with the coloured proof hitting the market in mid-January. The other three versions are minted to order so if you want them, bug your dealer to get some. We mocked up a couple of gilded ones, which we can’t show for the obvious reasons, but we thought they looked great so keep an eye out for them.



Excellent artwork here, adorned with a powerful, anatomically good looking horse, and some very well detailed plant life in the background. We really like this one.

Legends of the mystical Unicorn have existed since antiquity, speaking of a wild and extraordinary horse bearing a single spiraled horn upon its forehead.  Many different cultures tell of the unicorn, and their tales are found throughout Europe and Asia. The beautiful unicorn dances through the forest, its cloven hooves barely denting the ground.  These creatures represent the purest grace and beauty, and were said to only appear to the most virtuous people.



Again, some fine-looking artwork on the reverse of the coin, that looks good in both the antique and reverse-proof finishes.

The winged horse Pegasus is a creature of power and strength.  These magnificent creatures soar through the air on massive wings shining with downy feathers.  They are said to be so light they can walk upon clouds, and so fierce they can control the weather itself, bringing mighty storms or the gentlest spring breeze. Pegasus has a wild spirit, but those who manage to befriend one will have a noble and trusted steed for life.


Below we have the concept artwork for the coins, so it’ll be hard to tell how well they’ll pull off the colouring, but the extent of the application and the choice of colours looks spot-on to us, especially the Pegasus.