The Lunar coin market is one that thrives on variety. You could argue that in many cases it’s the logical way to stand out in a crowded market, and a quick look at our Year of the Horse Guide will show you just how crowded it can be. There are everything from simple proof coins, to ones containing who knows what, but there’s no end to the imagination, so now we have the puzzle shaped coin.

The  Singapore Mint has unveiled its first three-way interlocking puzzle coin fabricated from 8oz (249.45g) of 0.999 silver. The coin is made up of 13 pieces, a 2oz inner piece featuring a peony surrounded by 12 outer pieces, each of which bears a lunar animal image from the Singapore Mints first Lunar Almanac Coin Series that was issued between 1981-1992. The clever part about the coin set is its 3-way interlocking coin mechanism, mechanics that are similar to a jigsaw puzzle’s. It requires the assembly of several tessellating pieces – so that one gets 13 individual coins when the puzzle piece is taken apart.



The coin is 96mm in diameter, so plenty of size to show off the artwork, and is available from January for S$1280.00. The display packaging is attractive and would make a striking birthday gift for anybody given all the lunar animals are on board. Available to pre-order now at the link below.