There have been some strange coins released recently, but most are fundamentally circular or rectangular in shape. This one from the Pobjoy Mint is a little more unusual. To commemorate the 125th Anniversary of the Eiffel Tower, the mint has struck a coin in the shape of this most iconic Parisian monument.

Named after the engineer whose company designed and built the tower, Gustave Eiffel, it was originally meant to serve as the entrance arch to the 1889 World’s Fair. It still stands today, long after it was designed to, and draws in over six million visitors per year. Over a quarter of a billion people have visited since it’s opening.

The coin is a large one at over 80mm (3″) tall, is struck to a proof quality and has an antique finish. Available now for £108.33 ($179.00)



Pobjoy Mint is delighted to announce the release of a unique coin on behalf of the British Virgin Islands which celebrates the 125th Anniversary of the Completion of the Eiffel Tower.

Named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower is an iron lattice tower located in Paris which was erected in 1889 as the entrance arch to the World’s Fair.  It has become one of the most recognised structures in the world.  The Tower was the tallest man-made structure in the world from 1889 to 1930 and stands 1,063 feet/324 metres tall.  At the time, Eiffel stated that the Tower would symbolise “not only the art of the modern engineer, but also the century of Industry and Science in which we are living, and for which the way was prepared by the great scientific movement of the 18th Century and by the Revolution of 1789, to which this monument will be built as an expression of France’s gratitude”.

The main structural work was completed at the end of March 1889.  In all there are 18,038 pieces joined by two and a half million rivets.  Eiffel had a permit for the Tower to stand for 20 years and it was to be dismantled in 1909.  However, because the Tower proved to be valuable for communication purposes it was allowed to remain after the permit had expired.

This unique coin has been produced in the shape of the Eiffel Tower – a feat of engineering in itself – showing the intricate girders.  The obverse of the coin carries an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Available in Proof-like Fine Silver Antique Finished and Nickel Silver, the coins are struck to the highest quality with each beautifully engineered precious metal coin struck four times to produce a superlative finish.


Denomination Metal Weight (g) Size (mm) Quality Box – COA Mintage
10 DOLLARS (BVI) 0.999 silver 31.1 80.6 x 37.4 PROOF – ANTIQUE N – N 5,000