It looks like prehistoric life could be gaining interest as a subject for coins, only to be expected given the abundance of wildlife coins hitting the market. Great news for us as we love them long time. The two series with the highest profiles are the Royal Canadian Mints “Canadian Dinosaurs” series which to date has had only a solitary release, the excellent Bathygnathus, and the Austrian Mints brilliant Prehistoric Life coins that has just seen its second release from a total of five.

In the past there’ve been coin series released by, amongst others, the Polish Mint with a 2008 set adorned in anatomically appalling artwork, the Pobjoy Mint with a four-coin 2006 set and the excellent and highly successful five-coin Royal Canadian Mint series featuring a selectively aged fossil in the centre. In the future we’ve heard rumours of the Perth Mint having two new series coming in the next year covering the Australian side of things.

Now it’s Niue’s turn to get in on the act with two coloured oval coins depicting Jurassic habitats.

First up is “life on the ground”. This depicts a theropod, like Tyrannosaurus Rex, stalking a Sauropod, perhaps Apatasaurus, through a grassy field while Pterodactyls fly overhead. To be honest, the artwork isn’t great and we can’t see it reaching classic status any time soon. Secondly comes “Life under the water” showing examples of a Pliosaur, a Pleisiosaur, a Mosasaur and an Icthyosaur. The design is a little better but still a workmanlike affair. The obverse has a small portrait of Queen Elizabeth II overlaid onto a map of the Jurassic earth which we quite like.

Sadly, while we’re sure that each has their own tastes in coins, we reckon these pale completely when put alongside the Austrian Mints superlative series. On the upside, these have a mintage of 7,000 compared to the Austrian contenders 50,000 so one for the fan perhaps.

Released by International Coin House, a Zurich based coin producer.


Finish Proof
Monetary Denomination (ND) $1
Fineness (% purity) .925
Minimum Gross Weight (g) 28.28
Maximum Width (mm) 45.1
Maximum Height (mm) 35.1
Maximum Mintage 7,000