AG-Maori Koru-FEAT

Minted from 0.9999 gold, and with an extremely low worldwide mintage of only 250, the design of the coin features the koru which is represented in the unfurling silver fern frond, and the surrounding artwork represents the domain of Tāne Mahuta.  The coin is housed within a waka huia (ornamental carved vessel for taonga). Designed by Dave Burke and carved from a 50,000-year old New Zealand swamp kauri.

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This 1oz silver proof coin is the perfect addition to any Māori Art Coin collection, and with a worldwide mintage of just 2,000. The design is identical to the gold one although the box is simpler.

Beautiful design and even at $3295 NZD, the gold has already sold out so they must be doing something right. The silver is $129 NZD and in our opinion is worth every penny. Lovely coin and a rare one.

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