The latest of Coin Invest Trusts ranges of coins that include such classics as Tiffany Art, Mongolian Endangered Wildlife and the Mythical Creature series, is this one called simply Predator:Prey. Based around the classic Far Eastern Yin:Yang symbols, the coins reverse is finished in silver with black palladium high relief to provide a contrasting effect that can see the coins look change as the position of the light source moves.

Each of the animals, one of which is placed on each half of the Yin-Yang symbol, is done in an almost Tribal tattoo kind of style and the end result is extremely effective. It is, apparently, to be the first of five one-ounce coins in an annual series.

The obverse carries the Ian Rank Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II


There are only 2,000 minted, so expect these to go quickly and premiums to rise. As a bonus, the coin has hit the market with much lower premiums than other recent CIT releases, coming in at not much above $100 or so. They don’t come boxed from the mint, but boxes are available so your dealer may sell them with. They have the standard CIT certificate but this time numbered and hologrammed for security, and are just being delivered to dealers now.

Hopefully, we can get some better images soon as CIT aren’t that helpful in that regard.


Denomination Metal Weight (g) Size (mm) Quality Box – COA Mintage
5 DOLLARS (CID) 0.999 silver 31.1 38.61 PROOF PALLADIUM PLATED N – Y 2,000