New guides and updates for mid-May

Just a quick note to let you know about some new guides and some revised old ones. This stuff goes on and doesn’t always get noticed unless we do a quick post like this to point you in the right direction.

Two new guides are now live. The first one is a look at a quirky silver foil series from the New Zealand Mint called ‘Batman Villains’. We thought these were much more original than most of the issues in this relatively new format and should have plenty of appeal to comic book fans, a huge group if Hollywood box office receipts are a reliable indicator. The second guide takes a look at MDM Wholesales cool and unusual ‘Underwater World’ series of nature coins. Both are still ongoing with new issues, so you’ll find them on our Active Coin Series Profile page.

In addition, on the main menu you will see a new option called Thematic Coin Guides. The guides here will be much more lightweight – simply taking a theme and highlighting what is available for it. These are not mint-specific, although ironically, the first one, recent Star Wars coins, is all from one producer. Future ones should be more diverse, but we felt this popular subject and the wide range of options for it, needed clarifying and we hope this does just that.

The History of the Crusades series from Numiscollect has had its guide revised again and we’ve also added the first of the new sub-series called The Livonian Crusades. These have always been favourites of ours and the latest issues employing smartminting are better than ever. We’re looking forward to the now overdue second Livonian coin. Both Skyline Dollars from CIT Coin Invest, and Deadly & Dangerous from Downies/Perth Mint have had the latest issues incorporated into them, as has Scottsdale’s epic Bible-themed undertaking.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll bring the lunar guide up to date and maybe even start a guide to the Perth Mint’s ultra-popular Lunar Series II, now finished and ready to hand over to series III later this year. Mintage graphs for the US Mint’s American Gold Eagle and the Gold Buffalo have also been brought up to date, and the April figures are now incorporated into our Bullion Sales page graphs. Scottsdale’s EC8 coin program guide has  also been upgraded to the multi-page look as its second run of 8 coins has just begun.

There are lots more additions and revisions planned. Thanks for reading and thanks to our new and existing sponsors for their support. It is much appreciated, so please feel free to click on the ads so they know you came from us.