New EC8 bullion coin profile and updates to existing guides

Just in case you were wondering if we’ve been having a couple of days off, the answer is no (sadly!), as we’ve just been busy working away. Going live today has been our bullion coin profile to Scottsdale Mint’s new EC8 series that is being released through 2018 for eight Caribbean countries. Three of them are already out and are covered in the profile and the rest will be added as they appear. This way you’ll always have a good summary of this intriguing new range.

Also changed, after waking up from reading the Austrian Mint’s last two annual reports (you have no idea of what I go through for this site….), are the mintages for the Philharmonic silver and gold bullion coins. We’re experimenting with a new chart type as well, which you can see there, but it isn’t anything groundbreaking – just a tweak.

While we’re on the subject of Scottsdale, we’ve also added the latest John the Baptist coin to their epic Biblical Stories series. This is the 22nd in the range and they’re all there to see.

Tomorrow will be a big day for Disney aficionados with a new multi-release range to celebrate a major characters birthday. There should be something for everyone in the mix. Monday will see us look at the first of the 2019 coins to commemorate the moon landing.  We’ll start work on a Queens Beasts bullion guide as well, to make it easier for you to keep track of the range, although we’ll likely keep the proof range separate this time, to stop the article getting too cumbersome. Our old Coin Series Profile of CIT’s Palau Battleships series is also well underway. The subject is one of great interest to me, so I’m spending a bit of time on it.

A big thanks to those that donated to the site (special thanks to H. Super appreciated, mate). We’ve welcomed a couple of new advertisers as well, so AgAuNEWS is a bit more stable now. I hope you continue to enjoy the site and please feel free to comment on any post, or to make comments or suggestions below. Have a great weekend.