New Disney coins galore at the NZ Mint with additions to existing ranges and a new series

The Disney coins continue to flow from the New Zealand Mint and today sees the debut of a new series and additions to two existing ones. Toy Story sees its second release with the iconic Buzz Lightyear joining Woody. A hugely popular movie series and the coins are well done.

Additions to the coin note series Disney Princesses see the second and third issues in this six-coin series – Ariel and Aurora being the subjects this time around. The subject is also revisited with a new range of coins featuring the popular princess characters, but in ones adorned with glitter and gemstones. One for the memorabilia fan methinks. All are available to buy later today from the mint website or from many of our sponsors.


The third series of Disney Princess coins, this one answers the question of where can we buy a Disney princess coin covered in glitter and a gemstone. Quite how many coin collectors were asking that question is another matter. I think it’s fair to say this is aimed completely at the Disney memorabilia market and not the coin collector. An ounce in weight with some well applied colour, the dress has glitter applied to it and there’s a heart-shaped blue heart embedded in the reverse. The mintage is again a hefty 10,000 pieces and the glitter and gemstone doesn’t seem to have affected the price, which remains at $85.00 USD.


The mint has gone all-in on the new coin note format with new Star Trek and Star Wars series, but there was no chance that Disney wouldn’t also get the treatment. Disney Princesses have already recieveda full series of gold and silver coins starting a couple of years ago, so the choice for the notes was a little surprising, but no doubt makes sense where Disney is concerned. We’ve already covered the first coin which came with an album to hold the series. These two new issues slot right into it. These will sell for $39.00 USD per coin. The mintage of 50,000 is large, but no doubt most of them will end up in the Disney distribution network and be sold at theme parks and the like. Kids will likely love the larger than life size and bright colour – both Disney characteristics.


The second Toy Story coin from the mint, following the Woody issue last December, these are standard fare on the format front. An ounce of fine silver with selective colour on the reverse face will please the memorabilia fan. Packaging is an red coloured version of the wooden chest used in the Battles That Changed History series, and meant to replicate a toy chest. Enclosed within is a certificate of authenticity and it all sits in a beautifully themed outer shipper. The mintage is set at 10,000 and the price is $85.00 USD.