New Coin Series Profiles and updates – mid September

Time for a quick update on changes and additions to the Coin Series Profiles and Bullion Profiles, just so you know I haven’t been sitting around doing nothing..;)

New CSP’s are one for CIT’s superb Dimensional Skull series, and we’ve tried a new dark theme for this. Also added is one for a series we’ve wanted to do for quite a while and have liked for ages, the National Bank of Poland’s excellent History of Polish Coin series – a coin collection for coin collectors. An addition to the Foil Series Profile page is the New Zealand Mint’s DC Comics Covers series. A range of premium foils that reproduce some of the most expensive comics of all time, we trialled a delayed container system on this one that lets us put new coins into a profile that will go live on a set future date. It worked perfectly, so that will make it easier for us to get the growing mix of active profiles up to date. Scottsdale’s Biblical Series has been brought up to date with the latest two issues, and I may convert that guide to the newer multi-page format to make it easier to read on mobile. It’s now 28 coins old, so getting a bit chunky.

As for Bullion Profiles, we’ve added the New Zealand Mint’s Disney range to sit alongside their Star Wars offerings. Those for the Caribbean EC8 and Perth Mint Koala have been updated with the latest issues, as has the Royal Mint’s Shengxiao Lunar guide. Just click on the images in this post to go look at the various noobs. Coming up, we’re working on a new one for a Numiscollect series, and we still have the Lunar Pig Superguide to get up to date, as well as launching the new rodent one. The minigold guide we ruminated about last update is looking like a goer and will likely follow the same layout as the Moon Landing thematic round-up.

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