New Coin Series Profiles and updates – mid November

Another quick update on new revisions to our Coin Series Profiles and Bullion Profiles.

The new Star Trek Next Generation Characters silver foil series is now complete as we’ve added the final Geordi LaForge issue to it. The same also goes for the Czech Mint’s really neat Inventions of Leonardo set of four coins. A particular favourite of mine. The ongoing epic Biblical Series from Scottsdale has also been brought bang up to date with the addition of the 29th coin in the series. Hard to believe that we’ve yet to reach the half-way stage on this huge decade-long 60-coin set.

Bullion profiles have also been updated. Fantasia has been added to the Disney one,and the new Venom coin to the Marvel one.

The large Star Wars Thematic Guide that lists out all the myriad New Zealand Mint issues for this classic movie universe has now been made current with the addition of the Rise of Skywalker coins, the latest premium movie poster foil (Revenge of the Sith), and the very weird Seasons Greetings foil. Seems there will be plenty more to come for this subject.

We’re still a little behind at the moment and playing catch-up, but I will get there (real life again..!). Plenty of new stuff in the works and some nice new coins coming this week. The new Archaeology and Symbolism coin from Numiscollect is a beauty, and the next two Caribbean EC8 bullion coins from Scottsdale are imminent and quite different in artistic style from each other. We’re going to be having a look at the Germania Mint’s new stuff this week as well.

As always, feel free to leave comments below.