New Coin Series Profiles and updates – February 2020 – and an appeal

Time for a quick round-up of updates as we do every now and then. It’s been a manic month, with the most posts we’ve put up in a month since 2014. Moving forward, I’ll keep the news posts confined to Monday-Friday, which will allow me to expand our guides and profiles at the weekends, as well as have breather…

For our Thematic Guides, the Mint of Poland ancient mythology one has seen multiple new issues added. It looks like this will be another busy year for that one. The NZ Mint Star Wars guide has also seen several updates, including the restarting of the Classic Star Wars series after a break, with Lando Calrissian joining its ranks. Bullion profiles for Scottsdale’s Silverback Gorilla series, and Eastern Caribbean 8 range have been brought up to date, the latter ready for the run through a new 2020 selection due throughout the year.

Coin Series Profiles have seen multiple tweaks and additions, including Deadly & Dangerous, Tiffany Art (now moved to completed from active), CIT’s Revolutionaries, and the NBP’s superb Stanislaw August series. Plenty of new additions planned (especially for the expanding bullion selection), as well as some tidy ups. Just click the pictures to see more.

As well as all that, I’d like to make an appeal for donations. Normally I do it half-heartedly as it isn’t why I do this, but the PC I use is creaking at the seams (2nd-gen i3!! and a monitor that’s developed vertical lines), and I’m currently getting the bits together to replace it with a new build, so if you’d like to help out, please feel free to use the PayPal donate button. Anything is greatly appreciated, and I can assure you it will go to the PC and just the PC. I have some bits already, but its ongoing. Have a great weekend all and thanks for reading.