MTB-PAMP moves away from the iconic Fender ‘Caster’ guitars to showcase Kurt Cobain’s instrument of choice – The Jaguar

Fender are absolute legends in the musical world, famous for their popular range of guitars, used by some of the biggest names in music around the world. When you hear the name ‘Fender’, thoughts go to their legendary Stratocaster, used by such luminaries as Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, Jimi Hendrix, and George Harrison. Quite a line-up!

The mint has ventured away from those two models for their shaped guitar range before, with the Fender Precision Bass, a two-coin set featuring not just the guitar, but a shaped Bassman amplifier as well. No such doubling up this time, and we’re back to a single guitar, but given the price saving, we think that’s a welcome return. The guitar in question is the Fender Jaguar, used by Kurt Cobain, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, and many more.

There are no real changes to the formula that MTB-PAMP have employed since this concept debuted three years ago, so what we have here is a silver one-ounce coin, shaped like the instrument, and almost fully coloured on the reverse face. The colouration is actually welcome on this range, in our opinion, given that it forms such an important part of Fender’s whole range, dating back over 75 years. The obverse is cleanly struck, and carries a serial number alongside the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

The presentation on these has always been great, and the packaging employed here look well up to the standard of earlier issues, like the light blue Stratocaster pictured below. The custom capsule is a nice touch. Available to order from today, this is a great addition to a range we have a soft spot for here, and one that will make a fine gift for the musician regardless of whether they’re a coin collector or not. Check out the previous issues in our Thematic Guide to Modern Musical World coins, which is full of interesting designs.

$2 (Solomon Islands) 31.1 g of 0.9999 silver 28.6 x 84.3 mm Reverse proof 4,000