Women Warriors continue to hack their way through the patriarchy and this time it’s a Disney-free Mulan

We’ve seen a slowdown in the number of 2 oz high-relief mythology coins struck by the Mint of Poland this year, but we’re glad to see a few of them are still making their way to market. The Pela-Coins issued ‘Woman Warrior’ series is the latest to put in an appearance, and this third annual coin features Mulan, a tale both popularised and butchered by love:hate company, Disney.

In the original tale, Mulan fought for over a decade in the Imperial Army, and did so with honour and distinction, The coin has taken a more fantastical approach by incorporating a large, flowing Chinese Dragon. On its tail sits the series signature wooden insert complete with its unique carving – a nice touch from some of gaudier materials that often find there way into these issues.

As always, the coin has a gilded element – the sword this time – and is antique-finished and rimless. The design is first class again, set on the rooftops of a town and packed with action. There’s lashings of fine detail and it covers the whole reverse face of the coin. This has been a great series and Mulan does nothing to diminish that. The obverse is the common one for the series.

As before, this issue is nicely boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity, and has a mintage capped at just 555 pieces, just like Amazons and Valkyrie. Check out our Thematic Guide to this genre, and we’ll add this one to it shortly. Available to pre=order now, this fine release is distributed by Pela Coins.


Tracing its origins back some 1,500 years to a folk song passed down orally, Mulan is the story of a woman trying to save her father by dressing as a man and joining the army. Her father had been called up to fight and had no son to go in his place, so she took on the role herself.

She fought with distinction for a decade and at the end of her service, the Emperor offered her many rewards, but she asked only for a horse, so that she could go home to her family. She arrived home and changed into her proper clothes. When she came outside she astonished her fellow soldiers who had no idea of her true nature.

The moral is that familial loyalty and respect takes precedence over other social requirements. It’s more likely the message here is that 6th century Chinese soldiers needed spectacles really badly…

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 62.2 grams
FINISH Antique
MODIFICATIONS Ultra High-relief, gilding, wood inlay
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes