One of the best comedic actors of the last 40 years, Rowan Atkinson has brought many weird and hilarious characters to life in his long career, none more so than the brilliant Edmund Blackadder. However, it was his turn as the bumbling master of chaos and confusion, Mr Bean, that rocketed him to international superstardom. It remains as popular today as on its debut on the first day of 1990.

Mr Bean, created by Atkinson and the talented writer Richard Curtis, inspired by French silent movie comedian Jacques Tati, made that leap to worldwide prominence not just because of what it had, but also what it lacked – intelligable dialogue. That loss of overt language and the heavy reliance on visual gags has meant that Bean has travelled exceptionally well around the world, appealing in places that the usual British comedy tropes of sharp writing, mad situations and heavy sarcasm, wouldn’t. The result is 20 million Youtube followers, sales in 245 territories around the world, movies, and an animated series that’s proved equally popular.

CIT don’t usually produce licenced franchise coins, rarely dipping into that lucrative market, so the appearance of a 30th anniversary Mr Bean coin came as something of a surprise. Depicting the character in original live action form, and as the newer animation, it’s a simple enough 1oz coloured silver proof affair, with just the Union Flag and the anniversary logo in the background. A Cook Islands issue, it features the effigy of Mrs Been the Queen Since Time Began on the obverse…

It’s presented in an equally simple, but perfectly chosen blistercard which is themed to match. All told, a decent, if unadventurous issue from the numismatic masters. We’d love to have seen a dimensional coin with the character on it, for example, but coins in this genre are particularly sensitive to price, so they’ve probably made the right decision. Available to order now, with shipping from around the end of June.


2020 marks the 30th Anniversary of this cultural icon. Described by his creator as «a child in a grown man’s body», Mr. Bean has become a favorite of millions around the globe. His humorous antics are highlighted by his clumsiness and his ability to create embarrassing chaos around him. He is clearly a social media superstar having 90 million followers on Facebook. Mr. Bean movies have been broadcasted to 195 territories and have generated 6.5 billion views on YouTube!

This incredible one ounce silver proof shows Mr. Bean in his two best-known forms. The character played by actor and creator Rowan Atkinson and his animated form. The instantly recognizable quirky smile paired with the tweed jacket and skinny red tie will put a smile on your face and bring back fond memories of his antics. Behind Mr. Bean you can see the British flag just below the 30th Anniversary logo.

This proof is legal tender of the Cook Islands and shows the Queen on the Obverse side. Whether it is you or someone you love that is a Mr. Bean fan, this will make the perfect tribute to this cultural icon.

DENOMINATION $5 CID (Cook Islands)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
BOX / C.O.A. Blistercard