More from the Monnaie de Paris and this release is the second in a series marking the centenary of events of the First World War. The first coin commemorated the great mobilisation of French troops to the front line using literally thousands of cars and taxis. The second coin also commemorates an event that’s a little more unusual than the norm, this time the fabled Christmas 1915 truce, while the reverse takes a poignant look at the families left behind. It’s good to see variety in the subject matter chosen for the numismatic commemorations of this brutal war.

There are the usual selections as far as formats go, a pair of silver coins, a five ounce and one of the mints signature 22.2g 90% pure issues. There’s also a gold pair, a 92% pure ¼oz and a 99% 1oz. All are packaged in the usual Monnaie de Paris boxes and all are available to buy now. The mint has their own e-shop, but other dealers worldwide can also get them easily enough.


Started in June 1914, the Great War dips Europe in a hard context. The soldiers in the front live in the trenches, and the civilian world suffers from a declining economy.

Women are called to join the factories to replace the lack of labor. In the meantime, war godmother maintain the morale of the troops and nurses are recruited to look after the wounded.
It is now a total war and the whole society is involved in the war effort.

Since autumn 1914, soldiers live in the trenches and suffer heavy casualties and losses during the assaults. Enduring these harsh conditions, German, British and French soldiers will fraternise in December 1915, getting out of the trenches and meeting in the no-man’s land. It is called Christmas Truce.

In the meantime on the civilian side, families are living a particular Christmas, far from husbands, sons or friends.

Men and Women in the Great War Series

The history of the French nation is told in a new series to mark the centenary of the Great War, which will highlight the role played by men and women in this major event of the last century. Remembering difficult moments that have built the history of French nation is part of Monnaie de Paris duties.

The coin in detail

The obverse of the coin evokes the civilian side of the December 1915 . A woman and her children are decorating a christmas tree. The little girl reads a letter written by her father from the front. At the bottom of the coin, the poppy and the cornflower, respective symbols of veterans of the Commonwealth and of France.

Following the obverse, the reverse starts around the Christmas tree. On the front, German, British (represented by Scotsmen) and French soldiers are gathering around this strong symbol of Christmas. They all got out of the trenches and fraternise with the enemy. It is called Christmas Truce.




€10 EURO 0.900 SILVER 22.2 g 37.00 mm PROOF 5,000 YES / YES
€50 EURO 0.950 SILVER 163.8 g 50.00 mm PROOF 500 YES / YES
€50 EURO 0.920 GOLD 8.45 g 22.00 mm PROOF 1,915 YES / YES
€200 EURO 0.999 GOLD 31.104 g 37.00 mm PROOF 500 YES / YES