I’m pretty sure you don’t need a recap on what’s happening around the world at the moment. Many of us are sat on our asses burning our way through the entire Netflix database, piling on the pounds and slowly going stir crazy. There are however, whole swathes of people that have never had it so hard, and those are the healthcare professionals and volunteers that are fighting on the front line against this insidious virus, distant relatives of which have been devastating human civilisations for millennia (along with the occasional invader from Mars…).

There are plenty of ways to show appreciation. If Captain Tom, now Colonel, a 100 year old veteran of the World’s biggest conflict can do his bit, I’m pretty sure the rest of us can. An easy way to help is to donate or buy something from which the proceeds go to help out the staff and families of our new shock troops. For French people, the Monnaie de Paris is striking a nice cheap medal which will sell for €8, and of that 75% will go to the Fondation de France. Hopefully, some more mints might jump on board with the concept.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: To thank the nursing staff and all the professions mobilized during the global sanitary crisis, Monnaie de Paris decided to create and manufacture a commemorative medal to say “Thank you” to the women and men helping during the crisis. This medal “MERCI”, manufactured in the workshops of Monnaie de Paris will have a very strong symbolic value for every person called to work , to treat, to feed or protect French people.

On the observe, at the forefront, we thank the nursing staff working intensely and treating the numerous ill persons, alongside the firemen and the ambulances drivers. The word “MERCI” appears on the top of the medal. The 3 characters are applauded by a round of hands. On the second line, on the right side, some pictos illustrate someother professions mobilized during the crisis : farmers, retailers, cashiers, deliverers, postmen, rubbish cleaners…

On the left, some symbols illustrating the medical care system : the numbers 15 and 18, the cross of life, symbol of the ambulance drivers, the greek cross, symbol f the Health places, the “H” of the hospitals and the wand of Aesculapius, symbol of the Health professionnals. To finish, on the background, the coronavirus cloud we hope to beat.

WEIGHT 17.7 grams
FINISH Uncirculated
BOX / C.O.A. No / No