Innovative “The 100th Anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence” multi-ring coin debuts

One of the three Baltic states, Lithuania is situated in a region of the world with a tumultuous history. The Kingdom of Lithuania was created in 1253 and during he 14th century, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was actually the largest country in Europe. In 1569, they formed a voluntary union with Poland that lasted for over 200 years, but surrounding countries systematically broke it up and absorbed its territory.

It wasn’t until 16 February 1918 that Lithuania’s Act of Independence formed the modern day Republic of Lithuania. It was actually the first of the former Soviet Republics to declare itself free after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990 so there’s a strong feeling of independence in the country. The Lithuanian Mint has struck a new coin to mark the centenary of the modern Republic and has done so with something a bit different from the norm.

Designed by Liudas Parulskis, this is a set of four, with three silver coins forming rings of diminishing size that fit within each other and the fourth is a round gold coin that sits in the middle. When assembled, they form a single coherent design. The obverse plays heavily on the Lithuanian mounted knight, with each segment having its own representation, as well as forming a larger and more subtle one when placed together. The reverse also features a pattern of radiating lines and is inscribed multiple times with a succession of important dates in the Republics history. The central gold coin features copies of the signatures of all those that signed the century old document. Each piece is dedicated to a different concept – one to the legal system, one to the armed forces, one to diplomacy and one to the signatories.

Each of the four coins is sold seperately and has a mintage of 4,000. The largest of the silver coins weighs a standard ounce (28.28g), with the inner two weighing in at 23.3g and 12.44g respectively. The overall diameter of the set is 65.0 mm. The central fine gold coin tips the scales at ¼oz. A clever and well realised set they can be purchased from the banks website or from select dealers. The combined set of four sells for €600.00, with the gold coin accounting for €375.00 of that.


‘Symbolically, the Centennial coins are presented at the place where the document due to which we can commemorate the Centenary of the restored Lithuania has emerged. We have dedicated this collection of coins to those who we would not have done without in the early days of Independence: the signatories who needed courage to restore Independence; the diplomats who worked for Lithuania’s international recognition; the lawyers who laid the foundations for the State and sought that Independence is established in Lithuania as well and, of course, the defenders of the independent State – soldiers and volunteers,’ said Vitas Vasiliauskas, Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania.

OUTER RING: On the reverse of the coin: 1918 11 02 LIETUVOS VALSTYBĖS KONSTITUCIJOS PAMATINIAI DĖSNIAI (The Fundamental Laws of the Constitution of Lithuania); 1918 11 11 PIRMOJI LIETUVOS VYRIAUSYBĖ (The First Government of Lithuania); 1918 12 03 TEISMŲ IR ADVOKATŪROS VEIKLOS PRADŽIA (Beginning of the Activities of Courts and the Lithuanian bar Association); 1920 05 15 STEIGIAMASIS SEIMAS (Constituent Seimas); 1922 08 01 LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKOS KONSTITUCIJA (The Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania).

CENTRE RING: On the reverse of the coin: 1918 11 23 LIETUVOS KARIUOMENĖS ĮKŪRIMAS (The Establishment of the Lithuanian Army); 1919 06 27 ŠAULIŲ SĄJUNGOS ĮKŪRIMAS (The Establishment of the Lithuanian Rifleman’s Union); 1918–1920 LIETUVOS NEPRIKLAUSOMYBĖS KOVOS (Fights for the Independence of Lithuania); 1919 02 10 JIEZNAS; 1919 11 21–22 RADVILIŠKIS; 1920 11 17–21 GIEDRAIČIAI–ŠIRVINTOS.

INNER RING: On the reverse of the coin: 1918 03 23 VOKIETIJA PRIPAŽINO LIETUVOS NEPRIKLAUSOMYBĘ (Germany recognised the Independence of Lithuania); 1920 07 12 LIETUVOS IR SOVIETŲ RUSIJOS TAIKOS SUTARTIS (The Soviet-Lithuanian Peace Treaty); 1921 09 22 LIETUVA TAUTŲ SĄJUNGOJE (Lithuania in the League of Nations).

GOLD PLUG: On the reverse of the coin – facsimile signatures of the signatories to the Act of Independence of Lithuania who signed the historical document of the Council of Lithuania on 16 February 1918, announcing the re-establishment of the State of Lithuania.

SPECIFICATION (Outer/Centre/Inner/Plug)
DENOMINATION €20 / €10 / €5 / €50
COMPOSITION 0.925 silver / 0.999 gold
WEIGHT 28.28g / 23.30g / 12.44g / 7.78g
DIAMETER 65.0mm / 49.5mm / 32.0mm / 16.0mm
MINTAGE 4,000 of each
BOX / COA Yes / Yes