Mint XXI launches ‘The Way to Valhalla’, a twelve-coin series featuring the legends of the Norse world

Mint XXI currently have an ambitious series of coins, 36 of them, making up a collection called ‘The Great Greek Mythology’, and it employs all the producer’s talents with high-relief to great effect. The size of that collection may deter the less devoted, or less well-heeled collector, but their latest offering is quite a bit more attainable.

Called ‘The Way to Valhalla’, this will be a range of twelve coins, all two-ounces in weight, that showcase some of the most famous historical figures from the Norse world, names that remain firmly established in popular culture through a seemingly endless supply of TV and movies, most notably the aptly named ‘Vikings’ and its sequel series, ‘Vikings: Valhalla’.

The first issue is a real powerhouse of Viking lore, Ragnar Lothbrok. A famed and respected warrior, who fought in Scandinavia, Northern France and in England, Lothbrok met his end when he was thrown into a pit of snakes by King Ælla of Northumbria. While Ragnar’s sons are accepted as historical, Ragnar’s exploits are a little less concrete, but his role in Norse legend is hugely important, nevertheless.

The reverse face depicts Lothbrok, sword in hand, standing by the prow of his longboat. In the background, replete with coloured sails, are another pair of longboats. A stunning design, Ragnar’s depiction is outstanding, packed solid with detail, and anatomically spot-on. The way the ship’s prow curves around with the coin, transitioning into a runic border, is exceptional.

The obverse, which we suspect will be common, is equally well done. Here, we have an image filled with Norse iconography, looking like it has been carved into a stone surface. The inscribed issue details are set in a border, and done in the style of a runic script. The packaging looks very attractive, topped with a shield motif, complete with boss. This first issue also comes with a collection folder that will hold all 12 coins. All told, a superb intro to what could be the definitive Viking coin series. Available to order now.


2,000 Francs CFA (Cameroon) 62.2 g of 0.999 silver 50.0 mm Antique, colour 500