Mint of Poland issues Ruby Scarabeus – the fourth in its Ancient Egyptian themed coin series



An interesting little release that appears once a year, the Scarabeus series from the Mint of Poland are a range of 17.5 g silver coins that share the same base design, but adorned differently with every issue. Depicting a scarab beetle in the Ancient Egyptian style with a stone inset above it, this is the fourth such annual variant to debut. The first coin was cleanly struck and carried an inset piece of amber, the second carried turquoise and was part gilded, the third, agate with a coloured beetle, and for 2019, synthetic ruby with gilding and ruthenium plating.

Struck in 0.999 silver to a proof finish, and with a mintage of just 500 pieces, they are presented in one of the latex ‘floating’ display frames that have gained so much in popularity over the last few years. Each coin in the series looks quite different – this one especially so. Available soon.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: “Ruby Scarabaeus” is the metaphorical representation of the sun and love. In ancient Egypt, scarabaeuses were the epitome of divinity and the symbol of rebirth and wandering of the sun’s disk across the sky. The images of scarabaeuses, made of precious metals and expensive stones, served as amulets or even currencies. Today talismans in the form of scarabaeuses are found in the countries with which Ancient Egypt maintained trade relations. THE MAGIC POWER OF RUBY A ruby, a beautiful precious stone with a pink to blood-red colour.

In ancient cultures it was believed that it exercised control over existence. For centuries, the ruby symbolizes the greatest of riches – love. According to ancient Egyptian legends, the ruby also favours happiness and a great fortune. As an amulet it protects against evil and as a talisman it brings luck. The ancient Greeks attributed this stone to the most beautiful goddess – Aphrodite, and Romans – to goddess Venus. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that the power of rubies led to victory and heroic deeds. It was also believed that the ruby is a stone of friendship and has the power to foretell the future – if the stone darkens, one should expect a change of fate.

DENOMINATION $1 New Zealand (Niue)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver 17.5 grams
BOX / COA Frame / Yes