Minigold’s biggest cheerleader, CIT Coin Invest, expands its already wide and varied range with five new coins

So what do we consider a minigold? Basically, gold coins under a gram in weight fall under this general classification, and it’s become particularly associated with the 1/2 gram weight, as the majority of issues in this class tip the scales at that number. Quite a few producers release coins in this category, and over the last decade, the quality has really improved. They used to be simpler in design than this new wave, but improved minting technology has been applied to enhance levels of detail, and the range of finishes. They look excellent, considering they have tiny diameters in the range of 11.0 to 13.92 mm. These are not a value purchase like a bullion coin, and made for the numismatic collector market. Stackers on limited budgets will be better served with a 1/10oz bullion coin.

One of the biggest producers of minigold coins, is collector favourite CIT Coin Invest, a Liechtenstein-based company with a quite outstanding portfolio of modern coins, many of them award winners. If you see the phrase ‘smartminting’, it’s almost certainly produced by them. The technology has been applied to their minigolds for a couple of years now, to great effect. They issue custom designs in this size (usually under the range banner ‘Golden Highlights’), or simplified versions of their more flagship offerings. We have both here.

The Golden Highlights coins are good fun to collect, and there are closing in on fifty of them available now. They’re unusual in that, while they carry denominations (Cook Islands or Palau, generally), they don’t have dates on them. With mintages in the 15-25k range, it allows them to remain available for more than a single year. This time we have a pair of sports themed coins, and an Asian one. All have 15k mintages, a silk finish, and a width of 13.92 mm. We like them all, with the darts coin a particular favourite.

The other two are companion pieces to bigger silver coin ranges. The Wild West sits alongside a copper, a 1oz gold, and a pair of silver coins. The minigold doesn’t capture the full artwork on those, but offers a custom version of it, optimised for the smaller diameter. It works well. The other is the junior sidekick of the 2oz silver ‘Peaks’ coin ‘K2’, showcasing our planet’s most amazing mountains. The minigold is a much simplified design, using bas-relief art to mimic the impressive high-relief of the silver coin, which simply can’t be replicated with so little metal available.

We’re mightily pleased these coins exist. They make ideal gifts, are generally quite affordable, and offer an extremely wide range of subjects to suit all fans tastes. They generally come unboxed, but CIT do offer an optional one, so be sure to ask your dealer for one. Some, like Minted-UK, offer them as standard. Another fine selection from CIT, we do plan on putting one of our Coin Series Profiles together for the range, hopefully in the run-up to the holiday, but you all know how bad I am at deadlines…





2024 PEAKS: K2