Mid August updates

Just a quick update to keep you informed of what we’re up to when it seems quiet.The COIN SERIES PROFILES for ‘Evolution of Life’ and ‘Tiffany Art (both by CIT) have, as promised last time, been brought up to date. A new profile of the recently completed ‘Magnificent Life’ is also now live.Away from CIT, the excellent and also recently completed series by MDM called ‘Underwater World‘ has just released its final update. The Czech Mint’s ‘Animal Champions’ has been tweaked with information on the last 2020 issue, as has Scottsdale Mint’s ‘Biblical Series’, although the latter with just the 2nd of six 2020 releases planned.

We have several BULLION PROFILES in progress, a part of the site that has fallen behind, relatively speaking. The first of these should debut on Monday, with at least one more next week. Our tracking of bullion sales at the Perth and United States Mints continues, with the July numbers added to the graphs.

Stay safe and enjoy, and feel free to leave comments, opinions and suggestions. Mik