Micromosiac Passion was an unusual concept for a series at first glance. If you want proof positive that you don’t need gimmickry to come up with something clever and beautiful, the Powercoin series was it. Ostensibly a cleanly struck coin with some colour, something hardly rare these days, it was the execution that took them to another level.

Employing CIT & BH Mayer’s awesome Smartminting technology, that coin range exhibited some superbly defined minting. Following last year was a companion series with a twist, Micropuzzle Treasures. This was a very similar concept, but instead of turning famous artworks into mosaic, it turned them into jigsaw puzzles. The enhancement here was the addition of a third level, realised as some random puzzle pieces awaiting their placement in the finished image. Again, these are not complex coins, but they are desirable because of that quality of execution.

After Vincent van Gogh’s iconic ‘Starry Night’ in 2019, the series is back with Renoir’s serene ‘Two Sister’ painting from 1881. It isn’t as well known as the van Gogh work, but is an intelligent and pretty choice that keeps the series fresh with variety. The common obverse is back and again, carries on with the jigsaw theme. Fortunately, all the coin inscriptions are located here, keeping the main attraction free of distraction. The coin serial number is engraved on its edge.

Boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity, this 3oz fine silver coin has a mintage of 499 pieces. Not a low-end issue, of course, collectors seem to think they’re worth every penny and we’re inclined to agree. A fresh idea, expertly realised using some of the best talent in the business, and showcasing the works of the great masters. What’s not to like? Available to order now, it should ship around the end of September, although with the world in chaos, don’t be surprised if that slips a little. I also think it’s time we did a profile to the two series so you can see them all at their best in one place. Maybe next week.


Two Sisters or On the Terrace is an 1881 oil-on-canvas painting by French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The dimensions of the painting are 100.5 cm × 81 cm. The title Two Sisters (French: Les Deux Sœurs) was given to the painting by Renoir, and the title On the Terrace (French: Sur la terrasse) by its first owner Paul Durand-Ruel.

Renoir worked on the painting on the terrace of the Maison Fournaise, a restaurant located on an island in the Seine in Chatou, the western suburb of Paris. The painting depicts a young woman and her younger sister seated outdoors with a small basket containing balls of wool. Over the railings of the terrace one can see shrubbery and foliage with the River Seine behind it. In 1880 to 1881, shortly before working on Two Sisters, Renoir worked in this particular location on another well-known painting, Luncheon of the Boating Party.

Jeanne Darlot (1863—1914), a future actress who was 18 years old at the time, was posing as “the elder sister.” It is unknown who posed as the “younger sister,” but it is stated that the models were not actually related.

Renoir began work on the painting in April 1881 and on July 7, 1881, it was bought by the art dealer, Paul Durand-Ruel, for 1,500 francs. The painting was presented for the first time to the public at the 7th Impressionist exhibition in the spring of 1882. In 1883 it was known to be in the collection of Charles Ephrussi, an art collector and a publisher, but in 1892 the painting was returned again to the collection of the Durand-Ruel family.

In 1925, the painting was sold to Annie Swan Coburn from Chicago for $100,000. After her death in 1932 the painting was bequeathed to the Art Institute of Chicago, where it has remained since 1933. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)


This extraordinary 3 Oz Silver coin is the second issue from the “Micropuzzle Treasures” series, dedicated to micropuzzle Art and to Renoir’s masterpiece – Two Sisters (On The Terrace). The coin features 254 minted pieces thanks to the Smartminting technology and comes in a themed case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity. Limited mintage of only 499 pcs worldwide!

REVERSE: The reverse of the coin reproduces the beautifully coloured painting of “Two Sisters (On The Terrace)” by French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, struck with more than 254 minted pieces in exceptional high relief, to reproduce and empathize the extraordinary beauty of this piece of puzzle art in miniature. On the left of the reverse, the year of issue: “2020”.

OBVERSE: The obverse of the coin features the Coat of Arms of Palau, surrounded by a beautiful decorative micropuzzle pattern. All around the obverse, the inscriptions: “MICROPUZZLE TREASURES” – the name of the series, “REPUBLIC OF PALAU” – the issuing country and “20$” – the face value. Each coin is individually numbered on the edge.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 93.3 grams
MODIFICATIONS High precision vertical relief, Smartminting, Colour
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes