Mickey Through The Ages coins go airborne with Plane Crazy

Classic Disney from the New Zealand Mint took a sideways turn into a series within a series called Mickey Through the Ages. Taking a look at the evolution of Walt Disney’s most iconic character, Mickey Mouse, it showcases key movies from the Disney icons filmography since its debut in the 1928 short, Steamboat Willie.

This one is Plane Crazy, the third of four coins, coming after the 1935 classic The Band Concert, and The Brave Little Tailor from 1938. Plane Crazy was released by Walt Disney Studios in 1929, the fourth to feature the ubiquitous mouse. A simple movie, it’s basically the story of Mickey trying too impress Minnie Mouse, his girlfriend, by building his own aeroplane and taking her for a flight. Not exactly Frozen or The Sausage party, but certainly a good movie for its time.

Like previous Classic Disney coins, this is available as a 1oz silver and as ¼oz and 1oz gold coins. This shorter Mickey series also introduced a new 0.5g minigold format coin, a popular choice these days. Mounted into a plastic ‘credit-card’, they’re a great looking gift for the Disney fan, being both reasonably priced, and carrying the cachet of being pure gold. The silver and bigger gold coins come in identical packaging, a quality wooden cox box in a themed shipper.

The design is a good one, like previous coins a prime image taken from the movie. There’s a little colour applied to the silver coin, looking good, but none on the gold versions – typical for this mini-series. Every version is available to buy now priced at $85.00 for the silver, and $2,500.00, $620.00, and $75.00 respectively for the golds (all USD). Shaping up to be a fine series for the Disney fan, these are very well struck, finely packaged and with sensible mintages. Available to buy from the NZ Mint webstore, or from sponsors Minted-UK and PowerCoin. The next and possibly last coin in the series, is Fantasia, one we’re sure will be very well anticipated.



The Mickey Through the Ages coin collection celebrates the long and colourful cartoon career of this much loved Disney character. The coins in this collection feature classic moments from Mickey Mouse films throughout the decades.

The short film Plane Crazy was the very first cartoon Walt Disney and his friend Ub Iwerks created featuring their new character Mickey Mouse in 1928. The original silent film saw an addition of sound in 1929.

Inspired by Charles Lindbergh’s exploits, Plane Crazy tells the story of Mickey, who builds a rickety plane and invites Minnie aboard for the inaugural flight. Things go wrong from the start with Mickey thrown to the ground soon after take-off, leaving a hysterical Minnie as sole passenger. Mickey eventually manages to clamber back into the plane and gives Minnie an unwanted kiss. The eventful flight ends with Minnie jumping off the plane and Mickey crashing.

DESIGN: features a classic black-and-white image of Mickey in his plane, as seen in Plane Crazy. In his hand, he is holding the good-luck horseshoe presented by Minnie.

PACKAGING: The coin comes presented in elegant themed outer packaging, featuring an illustration of Mickey as seen in Plane Crazy. The Certificate of Authenticity sits within the coin case.





$2 NEW ZEALAND 0.999 SILVER 31.1 g 40.0 mm PROOF 10,000 YES / YES
$250 NEW ZEALAND 0.9999 GOLD 31.1 g 33.0 mm PROOF 500 YES / YES
$25 NEW ZEALAND 0.9999 GOLD 7.78 g 23.0 mm PROOF 1,000 YES / YES
$2.5 NEW ZEALAND 0.9999 GOLD 0.5 g 11.0 mm PROOF  5,000 YES / YES