The New Zealand Mint’s flagship Disney coin series expands even further with the first in an intriguing new series looking at the evolution of Mickey Mouse. Called Mickey Through the Ages, it picks iconic moments from the Disney icons filmography since its debut in the 1928 short, Steamboat Willie. It also brings with it a first for the mint; a licensed 0.5g minigold version.

The first coin depicts The Band Concert from 1935, considered one of Disney’s finest works of the period. The short was the first Mickey Mouse film produced in color and is about a small music band conducted by Mickey Mouse which struggles through a distraction-filled public performance. Donald Duck appears as the only speaking part. In 1994 members of the field of animation rated The Band Concert the third greatest cartoon of all time for the book The 50 Greatest Cartoons. It was the only one in the top 5 not produced by Warner Bros.

The coins reverse side artwork features Mickey in full uniform, conducting the band. All four versions carry the same design, no cropping on the smaller coins like on the recent Yoda or Alice in Wonderland releases. The silver (1 oz only) is the only one to have colour applied to it and it’s well chosen in our view, not overpowering at all. However, we’re pleased that all the gold coins are free of it, being just cleanly struck, as we feel gold is less sympathetic to it than silver. There are three gold sizes available. The usual 1 oz and ¼ oz are unsurprising enough, but the appearance of the 0.5 g minigold coin is certainly very welcome, and likely to be very popular.

The minigold is presented mounted to a card, like the Perth Mint presents its Mini-Roo. All the bigger coins share very similar boxes and shippers, all of the high quality you’d expect from the NZ Mint. Every version should be available to buy from 06 July priced at $85.00 for the silver, and $2,500.00, $620.00, and $75.00 respectively for the golds (all USD). All four of the advertising dealers on this page should get them.



The Mickey Through the Ages coin collection celebrates the much-loved, Disney character Mickey Mouse and his cartoon career through the decades. This coin features a classic image of Mickey the bandleader, conducting his orchestra in The Band Concert (1935).

The themed packaging makes these coins an ideal gift for any Disney fan or coin collector. The ¼ oz & 1 oz gold coins come presented in a high-quality wooden inner coin case and themed outer coin packaging. The Certificate of Authenticity sits within the coin case. The 0.5 gram gold coin is uniquely presented on an attractive, printed card. The Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the card reverse.





$2 NEW ZEALAND 0.999 SILVER 31.1 g 40.0 mm PROOF  10,000 YES / YES
$250 NEW ZEALAND 0.9999 GOLD 31.1 g 33.0 mm PROOF 500 YES / YES
$25 NEW ZEALAND 0.9999 GOLD 7.78 g 23.0 mm PROOF 1,000 YES / YES
$2.5 NEW ZEALAND 0.9999 GOLD 0.5 g 11.0 mm PROOF 5,000 YES / YES