The art-architectural genre of modern numismatics that started with the 2004 debut of Coin Invest Trust’s Tiffany range, has thrown up some truly beautiful designs in recent years. Quite apart from the Tiffany Art range that seems to get better annually, just a few recent stars are the Mint of Polands, Imperial Art: Mesopotamia and Crystal Arts: Secrets of Pena, and the best for us, the Taj Mahal coin that forms part of the Mineral Arts series. Lots of ranges are out there showcasing some of mankinds greatest architectural achievements and most follow a very similar format, usually an antique finish, greater than an ounce of silver in weight and home to an insert of some sort like agate or glass.

The Melbourne Mint are releasing their second exclusive coin, the first was a clean-struck 1/10 oz piece featuring Ned Kelly. Jumping fully in to the art-architectural field, this new coin fits right in at 2 oz with an antique finish, but it eschews the usual gaudy insert for something far more appropriate in this case. The dome of the building is highlighted in copper, matching that of the original structure, and the whole is struck to a superb looking high-relief style on a par with the best in the field. That isn’t surprising given the Melbourne Mint worked with the Lichtenstein-based coin producer Coin Invest Trust, designers of the aforementioned Tiffany coins.

As you can see, it’s a great design, and even though Flinders Street Station doesn’t exactly spring to the mind of anybody outside of its part of Australia, it stands shoulder to shoulder with other coins depicting better known buildings. The obverse of the coin doesn’t follow the reverse and stays with the traditional effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, but it does sit inside an attractive patterned border. Mintage is limited to 999 pieces, fairly typical for these types of coin, and it comes well packaged, something missing from a surprising number of these high-end coins. The first in a new series, this is an unusual and welcome addition to the market. Available to order direct from the Melbourne Mint website for $329 AUD, we understand that it should appear at other dealers around the world as well. Shipping in July.


This giant-sized, yet exclusively minted, silver coin celebrates perhaps the most popular building in Melbourne, Flinders Street Train Station.

Construction of this transport hub – the first to be built in an Australian city – was completed in 1910 and it subsequently became the busiest passenger station in the world by the 1920’s. Since that era, the Station has further risen to prominence; partly because of its beauty but also as “the place to meet” in Melbourne. Today, over 100,000 pedestrians walk through some part of Flinders St Station daily, yet few stop to consider the wonderful history of this amazing building.

Melbourne Mint Coins is pleased to offer a pre-order opportunity for this stunning coin. To be officially released in July 2015, this precious metal behemoth features high relief minting quality, combined with a genuine copper inlay coloured to reflect the century-old copper dome atop this magnificent construction. Part of a tiny maximum mintage of just 999 coins, there will not be enough to satisfy demand… and yet, beyond that exclusivity, the stunning beauty of this coin is truly eye-catching. Intricately detailed, and gorgeously finished, it is simply a must-have for all collectors, Melbournians, and Australians alike.

Presented within a deluxe timber case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.




$10 COOK ISLANDS 0.999 SILVER 62.2 g 50.0 mm ANTIQUE 999 YES / YES