Melbourne Coin Company celebrates 60 years of the iconic Buffalo Wing with a half-ounce silver shaped coin

There are many stories about the creation of the iconic buffalo wing, none more endearing than the tale that they were created by Teresa Bellissimo in 1964. She owned the Anchor Bay, in Buffalo, New York with her husband Frank, and when asked to rustle up a late-night snack for her son Dominic, and his friends, the result was this. Buffalo Wings are deep-fried and unbreaded chicken wings, coated with a hot sauce and butter before serving. To say that they’re popular would be an epic understatement.

In celebration of sixty years since they were created, the Melbourne Coin Company has released a new half-ounce silver coin shaped like one. Fully coloured on the reverse face, you could be forgiven for drooling. It’s thankfully devoid of inscriptions on this face, all of which are placed on the obverse, where they belong, in our opinion.

The coin comes in a neat gatefold pack themed out like a restaurant tablecloth, and it incorporates the Certificate of Authenticity. The mintage is capped at 999 units, and it should be available to order in the next couple of days, with shipping in a week or two. It’s been a bit of a foodie week in the coin world, and we’ve not looked at MDM’s pretzel coin yet!

$2 NZD (Niue) 15 g of 0.999 silver 34.5 x 44 mm B/Unc, colour 999