MDM encompasses the conflict between Heaven and Hell in an intricate new spherical filigree silver coin

There’s little in literature more titanic than the battle between Heaven and Hell, so it’s surprising that there aren’t more coins designed around it. Obviously, religion is no stranger to the modern coin market – look at Scottsdales sixty coin, ten year Biblical Series, for example – but looking at the conflict between good and evil from a Biblical perspective seems quite uncommon.

MDM as a coin producer is one of those that likes to experiment and push boundaries. Of recent note, they’ve issued some spherical coins, mainly centred around planetary bodies, and usually hollow. Their last issue like that, ‘Blue Marble’, was an excellent example of the type. This time, however, we see a big jump in subject and implementation.

This is clearly a striking looking coin which does something with the spherical format we’ve not seen before. MDM are calling it a filigree coin, but that would be stretching the definition with regards to its fabrication. This is essentially a hollow sphere with cutouts which has similarities to the aforementioned technique. Whatever the case, it looks terrific. Each half of the sphere is filled with strong imagery, mainly taken from the Abrahamic religions, and is extraordinarily detailed given the construction.

The Heaven side of the coin is gilded, the Hell side antiqued, a contrast we like to see. The latter half seems the more impressive, exhibiting more variety, and not having to incorporate the space to carry the obverse, complete with Samoan coat of arms and issue details. There are superb little touches all over the piece.

The coin comes boxed with a certificate of authenticity, and has a decent mintage of 1,499 pieces. Despite hitting a pretty expansive 50 mm in diameter, the hollow nature and cutouts mean it remains at a comparatively affordable two ounces in weight. A hugely impressive piece of numismatic art, MDM have produced something quite different and we hope they expand the concept into other themes. The possibilities are vast. Available now, it’s sold out at the mint, but dealers everywhere have them for sale. Shipping late May/early June.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 62.2 grams
FINISH Antique
MODIFICATIONS Spherical filigree, gilding
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes