MDM add new offerings in gold and silver to it’s extensive Harry Potter range, and the NZ Mint does likewise for Star Wars

It isn’t just CIT and Mint XXI putting out impressive new coins for the autumn season, as German producer, MDM, have also done so with another unusual collection. We’ll take a look at some of them next week, but in the meantime, we’ve pulled out the Harry Potter coins and added them directly to our huge Thematic Guide. All are additions to current series, so we didn’t feel they warranted a full news article, especially given just how much of a backlog we have at the moment, with all the pressure that entails

We’ve also done the same with the Star Wars coins from the New Zealand Mint, which include the last two bullion issues, and the new Faces of the First Order coin that came out today. That Thematic Guide has been recently revamped, so it’s now a neat source of info for the legions of Star Wars fans. There’ll be new stuff tomorrow.