March updates to various guides and profiles for both bullion and numismatic coin series

Another round of updates to our profiles of both bullion and numismatic coin series is upon us. I do these constantly, but it’s difficult to get the constant changes across – hence these article updates. As always, these are the main ones, but there are tons of other little tweaks and revisions throughout. There’s no point having these profiles if they’re not kept current, and they do make it easier for you to see things you’re interested in as comprehensively, and easily as possible. They also make my life easier…

There’s still more to do, and we’re still playing catchup with releases, especially from Numiscollect, CIT, Mint XXI, and more, but we’ll get there. The AgAuShoots I promised last month will start next week. I’d hoped to do those superb tank coins next, but it doesn’t seem appropriate given what’s going on at the moment, so it will be the Pobjoy Big Five coin. I just need to crop and tidy the images, and they’ll be up on site quicker than I can make a chicken vindaloo disappear.

Stay safe, keep your chin up, and enjoy. Mik


Our last update article had the 5th and 6th of the eight 2021 coins in this fantastic series in it, but now Scottsdale Mint has finally completed the series fourth annual run.

The two designs are excellent, so a great way to round it up. Our Bullion Profile is very comprehensive, and spread over four pages, so go take a gander at all four variants, of all thirty-two designs.


One of our readers kindly pointed out, a few weeks ago, that we’d missed the 2017 proof coin in this guide. He was correct, and as this was one of our early bullion profiles, it was also in need of a buff.

As a result, it’s been substantially reworked and expanded, with the incorporation of the 2020 coin and its new obverse, and the 30th anniversary design which has supplanted the Archangel Michael for 2021. The mintage charts have been brought up to date as well.


An amazing series of bullion coins, and part of Scottsdale Mint’s hewn, or chiselled-edge range, Egyptian Relics has grown with the addition of the Jackal-headed god, Anubis.


A terrific series, innovative in both design and theme, the Austrian Mint’s Niobium Silver series gets its 20th annual release. Called Extraterrestrial Life, it’s another fine design.

This is one of the first CSP’s we ever did, but it’s held up better than most of the others, so we’ll leave it alone for now. i will try to get higher resolution images of the earlier issues, however.


Another range of seemingly bottomless releases, the New Zealand Mint’s Star Wars coins have grown into the biggest licenced range in history. There are literally dozens of different series, covering tons of releases, from the simple, to the extravagant.

This update is a bigger one than usual, as we’ve missed a couple of new issues, and we’ve still to cover the new Faces of Empire, and Millennium Falcon 3oz coins as well. Fortunately, this profile is one that has a Changelog feature at the top


Yes, I know we say it every month, but the Chibi juggernaut is continuing on with yet more monthly additions. It isn’t just these two pictured here, there are others, and yet another pair to come next week.

Our profile to this series is huge, so much so that we’re considering making it multi-page, but we’ll see how it goes. There are almost 75 of these now, which is staggering considering the series is still three months away from its second birthday!


A great little series (we’ve seen a few of these in-hand), and while obviously lacking the pizzazz of the bigger Mint of Poland mythology coins, they are eminently more affordable. There’s also a 1/10 oz gold one as well.

The Minotaur is the first of four coins due this year, and 2022 is the last year, wrapping up the twelve issues in this set. Lots more in the profile, of course.