Major revamps of the Chibi and Eastern Caribbean 8 profiles….again…

With new Eastern Caribbean 8 coins, the first of 2022, bringing the number of individual releases to a mind-boggling 136 issues, and the New Zealand Mint’s Chibi series hitting almost 100 coins, it was clear the two guides we have for them were becoming unwieldy. We have to account for people using browsers with smaller amounts of memory, for phones, and tablets, etc. Despite both guides having had relatively recent upgrades, the constant flow of new issues every year, 32 for the former, and up to 48 for the latter (maybe more now that 2oz Chibi has debuted), meant that something was going to hit a wall soon..

Hence, both have been completely re-jigged with our newish tab-card layout, one we designed for the Scottsdale and Perth Mint bullion guides. It isn’t a glamorous addition to the site, but I have to spend a lot of time on teaks like this to keep everything smooth. The updated EC8 guide took a day and a half, the Chibi one a day. We don’t have plans to do others at the moment, thankfully.

Anyway, take a look and let us know if you think it’s better. We’ve removed the videos from the Chibi profile. They were fine as a launch item, but not ideal for a large archive, and almost 100 videos will slow down anything. It’s now broken down by subset for ease of navigation. The images are the same 1200px size we know you like. The Scottsdale one has been laid out by country, rather than year, something we feel will appeal more to collectors more likely to buy by nation than by year. Both guides should now load quicker, and be easier to navigate, while also making it quicker to update.

Sorry, it isn’t a more interesting update, but at least it lets you know we take keeping our guides current and usable as something important. Feel free to leave feedback, as it’s the only real way we know we’re on the right path. Normal service tomorrow.