We all know that the Lunar market can sometimes seem an endless procession of coins with similar themes and designs, and while there are releases that rise above the pack, it’s genuinely rare to see something completely different. We’re not talking about inset crystals, agate, gilding or fluorescence for example, but something that deviates from the overall theme. A quick look through our huge Year of the Goat Superguide will show you scores of coins, pretty much all with the same basic design; a picture of a goat.

Coming from nowhere, and from a new arrival on the coin producing scene is the debut release in a new 12-coin series entitled ‘Lunar Skulls’. Depicting exactly what you’d expect from the title, each coin will feature the skull of the lunar animal. Fortunately, despite being one of the less impressive animals visually, the goat has a seriously cool looking skull and that’s been ramped up to 11 by Portland, Oregon based tattoo artist, Kiana Roo, whose work can be seen at Kangaroo Paw Tattoo.

The new coin producer is SM Mint, an extension of a US coin dealer who runs from an EBay store called Son-Montuno. Their website will be up shortly and we look forward to what comes next after this impressive debut.


The front of the coin features a high-relief depiction of a goat skull drawn head on by tattoo artist Kiana Roo, whose signature is integrated into the artwork. Surrounding this are inscriptions featuring the series name, the series subject, the date, and the composition.

The obverse features the emblem of the Republic of Ghana, a country which currently has a relatively low profile in the numismatic market. The denomination of 5 Ghanaian Cedis is around $1.50 USD for those interested.

Each coin is engraved with a unique serial number that will match the supplied Certificate of Authenticity, a nice touch. It will be available in two finishes; a proof with a run of 500, and a Brilliant Uncirculated/Satin finish with a larger mintage of 2,000.

At present we’ve only seen artwork, but being struck in high-relief we’ve high expectations that the finished article will be worth it.


Son-Montuno has been operating on eBay for coming up to fifteen years now selling a wide variety of mainly precious metal coins, earning a 100% feedback rating of almost 6,000. They’ve now taken the bold step of commissioning and selling their own coins through a new company called Son-Montuno (SM) Mint.

This first coin has been a huge hit, selling out batches of proof coins in a matter of hours since its debut a few days ago. The BU coins also seem to be flying out, so clearly a coin with great potential for appreciation and a highly promising debut for the new company.

Websites are currently being set up for both www.smmint.com and www.skullcoins.com, but at present just click the blue button at the end of the article to hit their eBay store.

The price of the proof has risen from $89 to $179 as stocks deplete, and they’re still selling, so if you want a proof in particular, don’t hang about.

WEIGHT 31.10 g
SIZE 38.61 mm
MINTAGE 500 / 2,000