Love Star Wars? Got a fat wallet? The NZ Mint has just what you need with its ultra-limited gold series

Star Wars is back in the news with the conclusion of the more than fifty-year old, nine-movie science fiction saga. We’re pretty sure you know all you need to about this phenomenon, and even coin collectors have had plenty of choice over the last half-decade with the New Zealand Mint’s expansive and varied range of issues. Their latest series is very much a premium one.

A one-ounce gold coin is a desirable object in its own right, of course, more so when there have been so few of them carrying the popular Star Wars theme, but this series doubles down on the desirability with an incredibly low mintage of just 50 pieces. Struck to a proof finish, and presented with this mints usual high-quality packaging, these are special items for the Star Wars coin collector.

Two designs are out now. The Millennium Falcon was the first, using a design similar to the previous ultra high relief silver issue from earlier this year, although it is actually a new one. The latest one that has just debuted, is a rear-view look at that behemoth, the Imperial Star Destroyer. The view chosen here is different and actually works very well. Saying that, I half expect to see the big sign ‘WE BRAKE FOR NOBODY’ on the back, just like in Mel Brook’s brilliant Spaceballs: The Movie.

Both are available to order now, but as you’d expect from something with a mintage this small, not many have them for sale. We’ve seen them at APMEX in the USA, and EMK in Germany, both strong stockists of coins from the NZ Mint.


Without question one of the most iconic ships in all of science-fiction, the Imperial Star Destroyer has appeared in the Star Wars movie universe since its debut in 1977. This giant, distinctly-shaped war machine has opened many of the movies and was designed to instill fear and project the power of the Empire.

Said to be 1,600 meters (5,200 ft) long, Imperial-class Star Destroyers are armed with turbolasers, ion cannons and tractor beam projectors. Constructed by Kuat Drive Yards, the Galactic Empire operated over 25,000 of these ships at the height of its power. They carry 72 TIE fighters, numerous ground forces (including stormtroopers, 20 AT-ATs and 30 AT-STs), a prefabricated base for rapid deployment to planetary surfaces, and a variety of support craft.

Like the Victory- and Venator-class ships that precede it, this Star Destroyer is notable for its massive size and overwhelming firepower; a single Imperial-class ship is capable of overwhelming most starships or devastating a hostile planet, and its mere presence is often enough to deter rebellion. Not always fortunately, otherwise they’d be no movies…

COMPOSITION 0.9999 gold
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes