It’s not all front page news here as we like to keep our guides current as well. This week we’ve taken the chance to bring our popular Coin Series Profiles up to date. Boring stuff first, we’ve redone the featured images so navigation is a lttle easier, mainly because all of them were in different ratios. That was the plan originally so it looked a little casual, but unless the images are very different shapes, it just looks wonky. Hence they’re now standardised.

On to the profiles themselves, we’ve added to the Aureus, From Clovis to Republic, Mountains and Flora, and Japans 47 Prefectures ones. That’s seven new coins overall. We feel it’s important to keep these up to date; there’s nothing worse than reading a so-called ‘definitive’ guide that has the latest entrants missing. We’ve rounded up the new coins are below, with the exception of the Clovis ones which can be seen in our original news post a couple of months ago. Enjoy.


Two new coins in this epic series, now up to a staggering 57 coins, making it bigger than the maximum that the United States Mints America the Beautiful will ever reach. Chances are the series is nowhere near finished yet and my Mrs still wants to know where the New Zealand mountains are. Having looked up at a Kiwi mountain peak from a commercial aircraft flying to Queenstown, I couldn’t agree more. Spectacular mountains in the South Island and well worth showcasing.


One new coin and it’s a nice one. Depicting Victoria, the Roman personification of victory, it closely follows the style of what has gone before so no doubt collectors of the series will want one.




We’re in the home straight with this series as we’ve reached the 40th of the 47 Prefectures to be showcased in silver. Again, collectors will want this one and it’s another nice example. We’ll have the latest Japan Mint series up in a post next week as well. It’s a nice one.