Lots of updates to guides and new profiles.

You might have thought we’d been a little quieter than usual this week, but nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve always stated that articles like thematic guides, and coin series profiles, were pretty pointless if they weren’t updated on a regular basis, and so we often spend a lot of time doing that, sometimes more than I’d like given how crushingly tedious it can be…

However, it needs to be done, so I’m currently cracking through them, and here’s a small update on where we are, starting with what I think is one of our most useful types of article, the Thematic Coin Guides. These compile coins from multiple mints by a specific theme, and allow us to add coins to series without a whole new post. There’s a lot of repetition in some genres, and this helps alleviate that.

1. DC COMICS – This one is all new, and meant to stand alongside the Marvel guide we published a while back. It is incomplete, but we have sub-headers marking ones we’ve yet to do. Some of the coins are older, and pre-date our standardisation on 1200x1200px imagery, so I will have to redo scores of them. Like I said, crushingly tedious. It’s already spread over three pages, and I’m pleased with it so far.

2. MUSIC COINS – Just a couple of changes, and the addition of the latest RAM AC/DC anniversary coin. I will add the KISS coins from APMEX shortly.

3. MARVEL COMICS – Quite a few new additions should bring this close to being completely current. Surprisingly, a much smaller guide than the DC Comics one, but it seems to be catching up slowly.

4. VIDEO-GAME COINS – There are long periods when little happens, and as a result, this one got a little overlooked. I’ve added the second wave of Sonic coins, and the Dig-Dug rounds. It’s been quiet of late, as new releases have fizzled out through 2023.

5. HARRY POTTER COINS – Again, this genre has slowed down of late, but there have been several new issues, and they’re now incorporated into it. Another huge, three-page effort.

6. STAR WARS – Unlike Potter, this one shows no signs of slowing down, and as one of my first thematic round-ups, it was creaking a little. It’s had some tweaks recently, but that’s now finished, and it looks and reads a bit cleaner than ever. New coins added, also.

7. ANCIENT MYTHOLOGY – Now this one, rounding up 2oz coins struck by the Mint of Poland in this genre, was a bit of a mess, as keeping it updated is a real headache. I bit the bullet, and completely reformatted it, It’s now more efficient (removed many repeat obverse images for a single common one), far better looking, and much more up-to-date. I know this guide was very popular, so I hope it’s an improvement you like. I’ve a few images yet to add.

Also updated is our tracking of silver and gold bullion sales numbers at the Perth and United States mints, always an interesting read.

Our bullion guides have been likewise updated, with those of Scottsdale Mint, the Royal Australian Mint, the Perth Mint, and the Germania Mint, all being brought up to date. I’m currently working on one for the Royal Canadian Mint’s copious range of series. That one is taking time, as you can imagine… Lots of the specific guides, like Prehistoric Life, Icons of Inspiration, and Big Five Africa, have seen updates and/or reformats.

As well as bullion, our popular and useful Coin Series Profiles have seen many updates, and additions.

1. TAROT MAJOR ARCANA by the NZ Mint – I was shocked to see how much some of these simple one-ounce silver coins are going for on the aftermarket, and we haven’t covered the last ten of them, thinking interest wasn’t there. I was wrong. Early coins (only two years old!), are selling for well over a grand on eBay, with many breaking $500. Hence, this guide, covering the first 13 of 22 coins.

2. Changes and/or updates to loads more, like PEZ, Evolution of Life, Chibi (of course!), British Monarchs, World of Cryptids, Treasures of Stanislaw August (complete reformat), and Enduring Soldiers.

Currently, in the works is a CSP for the NZ Mint’s hit Mint trading coins. We never had good individual images of the Star Wars release like we did the marvel one, but thanks to Sophie at the mint, we now do. I just have to edit them to our format, and add them to the Marvel coins before publishing. It’s about 60 images, so something else I’m not looking forward to, but they are worth it.

I’m also thinking of doing CSP’s for the Royal Dutch Mint’s Castle Ducats series, CIT’s Tiffany Art Metropolis, CIT’s Numismatic Icons (a personal love), Mint XXI’s Greek Mythology, the Royal Mint’s Tudor Beasts, and BP’s for Coins Today’s awesome stackable designs. Our Thematic Guide to Prehistoric Life on coins may also be done before we go extinct.

Tomorrow should see a post about MK’s latest dragon debut, which is very pretty, and maybe the new one from PMC is time permits. On Monday, if I can bring myself to finish the grind, there will be a bullion release round-up (#19, I think). I took a break from them, but they are important, so we need to get back in the game.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far. As always, if you would like to support us with a small donation, the PayPal link is below. We’re really struggling at present, and the loss of Pobjoy Mint as a sponsor will add to that. It will be hugely appreciated, as so few donate at present. Those that do, I thank you tremendously.