Legendary Lands coin series ascends from the bottom of the sea, to the roof of the world, with a journey to Shambhala

It was two years ago that the Mint of Gdańsk debuted its first ‘Legendary Lands’ silver coin, struck in two-ounces of fine silver, and packed with high-relief. That one pictured the fabled ancient city of Atlantis, its destruction shown on the reverse face, is ruined state on the sea-bed, shown on the obverse. It was a good-looking design, and we were particularly pleased to see an obverse so well done, something often skimped on.

Not every series has to have an annual release, and this new 2022 issue is the first to debut since that 2019 original, but it does keep all the design cues from that, so there’s no confusing that this has the same DNA. The mystical Buddhist spiritual kingdom of Shambhala is featured on this second coin, a place from where the King of the World, the future Buddha no less, and his people kept watch over the inhabitants of the world. They were said to be in possession of impeccable morals and health, with a perfect emotional outlook. It was said to be located in the Himalayas, the so-called ‘Roof of the World’.

The reverse face of the coin is quite clever in concept. The serene, partial face at the bottom, a Hindu woman, and right across it is a delineation, above which is the fantastical land of Shambhala. It’s designed to look as if her mind is drawing from this spiritual land, offering all that is the best of life. Shambhala is well realised, with soaring, exaggerated mountains, an equally high temple, and a gilded crown chakra, almost like a halo, in the background.

The obverse is also heavily decorated, instead of just the simple effigy of Queen Elizabeth II that tends to be the norm for most Niue issues. Lotus flowers, the symbol for spiritual harmony and enlightenment, are massed around the effigy, behind which is a view of the mountains where Shambhala is said to reside. It’s a nice coin, almost oozing the serenity it’s subject is said to emanate.

The mintage of this release is, like the first coin, capped at 500 pieces, and it does of course come boxed, with a Certificate of Authenticity. The serial number is also engraved on the edge of the coin. It’s available to order now, with shipping commencing around the middle of July.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 62.2 grams
FINISH Antique
MODIFICATIONS Ultra high-relief, gilding, colour
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes