Latest updates to our various guides and profiles, as well as our bullion sales charts

One of our regular site update posts, just to let you know I’m not sitting around getting chubby when it’s a quiet day (half true, anyway). The usual mix of bullion profiles, coin series profiles (CSP), and thematic guides have all received updates with new releases. There’s also a new CSP for CIT’s brilliant ‘Trapped’ series.

Also refreshed are the bullion sales charts tracking silver and gold numbers at the Perth and United States Mints. We’re likely to split these charts soon, as they’re getting unwieldy after eight years. The best way is probably to divide them into pre-2020, and post-2020, but we’ll see how they look when time allows.

The rush of new releases over the last two months has meant we’re behind on our AgAuShoots, but they should start next week. Pobjoy was good enough to loan us one of their distinctive Wild Five coins, and they’re much nicer than the lacklustre official images suggest. Coming soon. Have a top weekend. Mik


Scottsdale are still finishing off last year’s run of eight designs, and we’ve just added the fifth and sixth to the profile.

Both aquatically themed designs are good ones in all four variants. We’re expecting the last two to come shortly, but haven’t heard whether the programme will start a fifth run in 2022. We hope so.


A Polish series we’ve long recommended, this one reproduces a set of original medallions and is available in two-ounce gold or silver.

John III Sobieski is the first of two new additions to a series rapidly coming to a close. There will be 24 medallions in this homage to the monarchs of Poland, as originally issued in the late-18th century. A gorgeous range of historically significant portraits, the NBP has done a phenomenal job with these.

Sobieski is the 20th release to date, so we’d expect the series to wrap up in 2023, with perhaps the last one, an original piece, stretching into 2024.


A brilliant series of coins, now sadly on its seventh and final release. It was the first coin in this series, Chinggis Khan, that initially showcased the new Smartminting technology.

Known for having some of the best human portraits ever struck into a coin, it’s a shame to see it finish, especially on so divisive a figure as Mother Theresa. As the profile is now finished, we’ve moved it to COMPLETE COIN PROFILES


It’s quite amazing how this Downies / Perth Mint series has managed to soldier on with a new release every year since 2006. It was once the hottest series on the market, with the Red-backed Spider attracting some extraordinary aftermarket prices.

It’s still good, if less talked about than before, and we’ve added the latest issue to the Coin Series Profile, the Red-Bellied Black Snake. Gold and silver, of course.


Quite a few additions since November, and across a wide range of formats. The newest additions are yet more Chibi, and the latest ‘Faces of Empire’ shaped, one-ounce coins. Who can forget baby Grogu either?

This is a huge, multipage round-up, and with Disney now offering The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, and more to come, we’re not expecting the pace to let up anytime soon.


The juggernaut continues apace, and our comprehensive round-up matches it stride for stride.

Boba Fett is back again, but of more note are some new subseries joining the ranks. Warriors kicks off with ‘Samurai’, and there’s an excellent nod to the horror film genre with the release of Pennywise, the clown from Stephen King’s ‘It’. There’ll be another addition later this month.


We still have nightmares about the amount of time making this Thematic Guide took. We knew Potter had increased in popularity, but it’s only when you try to collate them all, you realise just how much.

Anyway, added are several new coins from MDM and the New Zealand Mint. We’re expecting many more through 2022.


Not much to0 say about this series that we haven’t said before. Now 41 coins old, from a total programme of 60 coins over 10 years, we’re impressed that the mint has managed to keep the quality high, and the interest as well (we often get asked when the next one is coming).

To be honest, this guide needs a bit of a tidy up, as we’ve moved away from tabs to multi-page for ease of readability on some platforms, but it will have to wait until we get on top of the current flood.