Latest profile updates to our numismatic and bullion guides.

It’s been a particularly busy time with the ANA show releases coming in thick and fast, but we took time out to add some of them to our ongoing Coin Series Profiles, Bullion profiles, and Thematic Guides.

For the CSP’s we’ve added CIT’s new Synapsid coin to the excellent ‘Evolution of Life’ series (complete with a visual refresh), and the gilded Rabbit variant to their ‘Lunar Year Collection’. The newest ‘Enduring Soldiers Accursed by the Communists’ coin will be available on 01 September, and we’ve added it to the profile for your early perusal, and the Chibi guide has also been updated. There’s also an all-new profile of Mint XXI’s ‘Moments of Love: Kama Sutra’ series.

A little less activity on the bullion front, with new additions to the Perth Mint limited guide, the final ‘Giants of the Ice Age’ coin, and the latest ‘Prehistoric Life’ coin. I should have added the latest ‘World’s Wildlife’ coin as well, but like an idiot, thought I’d downloaded the images from the mints WeTransfer, and hadn’t, so I have to reach out again. I may update CIT’s mountains series with the latest Seven Summits range (just finished), but it may be too different to sit well, so perhaps it needs its own.

The Star Wars Thematic Guide has seen quite a few updates, as has the ‘Video games on coins’ round-up, and the Harry Potter one. The dinosaur one is making slow progress (we’re buried under new issues at the moment), and we’re planning more of them, as we feel they make a great way to sum-up a genre in a time-efficient and attractive way. I’d like to do one for mini-gold coins, and for meteorite coins, but their popularity means that might be too large an undertaking at the moment. We’ll see. As always, we’re open to suggestions in the comments.

Next week will be full of new releases, as we continue to look at CIT, MDM, Allcollect, and Mint XXI releases, as well as a mix of others. On Monday we have two new bullion releases to get you going. In the meantime, have a great weekend, and feel free to donate to AgAuNEWS using the PayPal link below. Few do, so everything is appreciated. Mik