Late November updates to our guides and profiles

Quite a few updates this time around, with Scottsdale Mint’s bullion guide getting some much needed refreshes in particular, but others (detailed below), also receiving some attention. It’s an ongoing process, of course, but a vital one. Nothing annoys more than seeing a profile published, that then rapidly falls into obsolescence through a lack of revision. If you like the Scottsdale guide, I’m thinking of doing a similar one for the Perth Mint, who similarly issue lots of small run bullion coin series for many distributors around the world. Leave your thoughts below.

As for the news, we should have a round-up of new bullion releases this week, along with some new coins from Mint of Gdansk. One we were hoping to do last week was a look at JVP Mint’s many modded Fafnir issues. We simply don’t touch aftermarket modded coins here usually, as it’s like the Wild West, but at least one of these was produced by the Germania Mint, and the others are quite extravagant, much more than the simple paint-jobs we see so often. It isn’t something we’ll cover again, in all honesty, but it should make for an interesting post. Also coming this week and next are the long-awaited new issues from one of our very favourite producers, Art Mint, Some of them are quite stunning.

I’m not sure if there’ll be another update like this before Christmas, but progress will continue. I’ll be taking a proper holiday this year. It’s been another tiring one, so I need an actual break to get a few back-end bits done, and just get away from the PC for a couple of weeks. I’ll let you know more on that soon. Thanks for all the support folks. See you tomorrow!


This guide is a little different from most of the ones we’ve produced in that it’s more concerned with laying out the various smaller silver coin series that Scottsdale mints, rather than go in depth on a single one. There are a lot of them, so this seemed the best way to keep track.

We’ve undertaken a full tidy up, with the series colour-coded by the continent of issue (blue for Oceania, for example). The series within have been updated, and new ones, like Gibraltar’s ‘Perseus’ and ‘Lady Justice’, have been added. We have new Ghana Leopard, and Samoan Seahorse coins yet to add, but we’re waiting for the embargo to lift on them. There’s a religious coin we weren’t given notice on as well, so we’ll chase details and add it shortly.


A Polish series we’ve long recommended, this one reproduces a set of original medallions and is available in gold and silver.

Michael Korybuth is the 19th of the 24 issues that will eventually make up this very attractive set, and you can see them all in this quite old guide. The NBP does provide some superb background information to the subjects, which we’ve reproduced. Very interesting.


Also updated is the equally comprehensive Star Wars guide. The latest to be added is Grogu, to the relatively recent, The Mandalorian Classic series.

The more observant amongst you will notice some changes to the look and layout, which will be completed over the next couple of weeks, as it’s a low priority at present.


We’re sure some of you are tired of reading about Chibi, but look at it from my point of view – I have to write about them. The Chibi guide and the new media roundup posts are our way of minimising what has become a tsunami of popular culture coins on the market, of which Chibi is just one.

Don’t misunderstand me, the Chibi series is a perfect example of a cool idea, realised superbly, but there are 48 issues every year, and it’s become much harder to keep new articles fresh and interesting. Anyway, it did spur on one of our most comprehensive and well laid out guides, which has now been made current with the latest additions, including Star Trek, which joins the line up, and will no doubt form a major part of the 2022 program. Check it out, as it genuinely is a well produced idea.

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