Kazakhstan issues the Well-being Turtle silver coin with a tantalum metal insert

One of the most popular modern coin series around, the Austrian Mints Niobium series has won much acclaim over the years for its design and innovative use of the metal, Niobium. Since used in issues from Canada and Luxembourg, the technique is still quite rare in numismatic circles. Interestingly, Niobium isn’t alone in its properties. Another of the transition metals and one sitting right below Niobium in the periodic table, is the metal Tantalum.

Tantalum was named after the Greek uber-villian Tantalus (niobium is named after his daughter, Niobe) and has many similar uses to Niobium, but is around twice the density. It also retains the other metals ability to hold a colour during processing and that’s exactly what has attracted Kazakhstan to its use on their new Well Being Coin.

This new issue has a total combined weight of almost 40 grams and that’s divided pretty equally between an outer sterling silver ring and an inner tantalum pill. The silver outer is mostly circular, but has two indents meant to replicate mounting points for hinges on a medallion. It’s also a perfect shape to hold the plan image of the turtle in the centre. The turtle shell is formed entirely from coloured tantalum and is a quite superb match for one. Full of symbolism and surrounded by inscriptions, the design works very well.

The obverse carries on the theme with the tantalum pill depicting the underside of the shell, inscribed with some tracery and the denomination. More inscriptions surround it, although the underside of the turtles body is absent.

Just 2,500 of these will be struck (although we’ve seen one claim that the mintage will be curtailed at 1,500 pieces, yet unverified) and the coin comes boxed and with a certificate of authenticity. We like this one a lot. It seems to showcase a culture not well known in numismatic circles and does so with great skill. Lovers of the popular Niobium Series coins will find much to like here, with the use of the insert being raised to a higher level. Price on these is hard to pin down, although we’ve seen them at a German dealer for €130, but it looks to be a coin worth tracking down.



The National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan issued the collection coin “Igilik coin” (“Tasbak”). The bicolor coin is made in the form of an insidious-medallion. At the top of the coin there is a hollow spot for the hinge or the hinge. The shape of the turtle shell on the coin I use tantalum as a figurative additive. When preparing coins Tantalum color change technology was used.

The sketch of Chinese mythology is based on the graphic composition of the “Coin of Commerce” Simultaneously, two important explanations were introduced. The first is a turtle with long life, good luck, and as a symbol of goodness. The second is about the magic square of Lo So that has a strong protective effect. According to the legend, the turtle is a symbol of health and longevity. The main value is that it brings happiness to the home he lives, increases the standard of living, and in any business can help solve problems that arise. This means that the image of the animal helps the homeowner, the main person in the family.

According to the legend, the Lochu Quarter is about 2,700 years old. It emerged in China, where the big turtle hit the coast from the Lo River. It was a magic expression consisting of dots on its shell and when it was examined nine sectors with a sequence of numbers are identified. The sequence of lines that were used in the ancient Chinese magic was “Saturn Planet Seal “. This symbol is also a symbol of the nine emperors. It has a very strong protective effect and is capable of protecting its owner as an enthusiast are considered.

REVERSE: there are nine numbers of the “Magic Quarter” The stylized image is shown in the tortoise shell. On the circumference in the official language “IGILIK MONTETA “, in Russian” MONETA BLAGOPOLUCHIA “in English” THE WELL – BEING COIN ” and national ornament elements. Images and inscriptions on the face and back side of the coin are relief, rounded exit rim.

OBVERSE: in the center is surrounded by national ornament face value of the coin “100 ТЕҢГЕ”. In the upper part of Kazakhstan Logo of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and elements of national ornament. On the circumference the words “REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN” and “REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN “and the second line of the national ornament, the year of its foundation number “2017” and the coin made metal, its test and mass which means “Ag 925 19.3g Ta 20.0g”.


COMPOSITION 0.925 silver
WEIGHT 39.3 grams (19.3 g silver, 20.0 g tantalum)
DIAMETER 38.61 mm
BOX / COA Yes / Yes