Just a quick update on the site at the moment

As some of you are aware, we attended the World Money Fair in Berlin late last week, and honestly, after three years of not attending (two down to Covid) it was terrific to meet folks again. We saw some quite spectacular issues, many not issuing until later this year, and were blown away by the quality. We were only there three days, just one of which was a fair open day, so it was all a bit rushed on the Friday, but necessary. It was such a pleasure to be reminded what a universally great bunch of passionate people populate this industry. Your hobby is in safe hands.

I’d hoped to have started writing them up yesterday, but the truth is, I’m currently in a lot of pain and was for the entire trip. The sensible thing would’ve been not to go, but it was worth the intense discomfort, and I don’t regret a thing. On Saturday, I picked up a chest bug which has just exacerbated things, so I currently feel like I’ve been kerb-stomped by a Rhino. Writing this is the most I’ve been able to sit down and do for almost a week, and it will likely be a few more days.

So don’t worry that the site has been a bit quiet this last week, all is good, and we’ll be back firing on all cylinders shortly. Thanks for your patience.