It’s Winter Launch time, and CIT bring out the big guns with an expansive new selection of high-class numismatics

It was only a couple of months ago that Liechtenstein-based coin producer, CIT, wowed collectors with what was one of its best release offerings for some time. Some outstanding coins, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Legacy of the Pharaohs, and Steampunk Kilo Edition, were a reminder of the quality that regular emanates from CIT. We always looked forward to our visits to Berlin’s World Money Fair, but for the second consecutive year, it’s been covid-stomped, so we’ll have to settle for videos again. Fortunately, they’re first class.

Smartminting’s ability to provide crisply defined high relief on both faces of a coin has been leaned on heavily, none more so than the latest ‘Wild Mongolia’ coin. Featuring the Argali with a superb rendition, it’s also the most varied range, covering gold, silver, and platinum, but no copper at present. Also employing the technique, is an excellent Vincent van Gogh coin, with a neat twist on the obverse effigy.

Additions to several hit series are included in this launch. The fifth in the dimensional ‘Spiritual Art’ series is a gilded Zeus, and the seventh, and last ‘Revolutionaries’ issue is Mother Theresa, a shame, as that series has always been a favourite of ours. The fourth ‘The Journey’ coin is a big-rig truck (with an accompanying super-cool minigold), Tiffany Art Metropolis heads over to Rome, and ‘Real Heroes’ showcases Special Forces for its third outing. Even the very pretty ‘Woodland Spirits’ returns with a gorgeous deer. All of these are fine-looking designs, but the latest ‘Trapped’ coin, called Untrapped, is the highlight for me. Absolutely love it.

There’s more, of course. The Mummy coin is a clever mix of ancient and modern, ‘Big City Lights’ is all new, ‘The Rock’ is unusual, to say the least, and a new Isle of Man Noble is a fine update to the 1983 original. Even the latest love coin, ‘Key to my Heart’ is a clever twist on the heart motif. A special shout goes out to a superb Titanic coin, complete with a coal fragment from the shipwreck in the silver coin, admittedly something we’ve seen before, but never to this standard. The copper variant of this one, while not having the coal, is a particularly pretty issue, with the added bonus of being very affordable.

We’ll cover these in more detail soon, hopefully in a more comprehensive manner than we did the Autumn Launch (we were inundated with unexpected releases). Another quite outstanding tranche of coins. Enjoy.